Coverage of day one of Apex Rising tournament, with player stats and highlight clips.

Fallout’s Apex Rising charity tournament, made to bridge the gap between pro and amateur players, has finished up its first day. So far, the event has raised over $85,000 for (RED), a charity dedicated to fighting AIDS and injustice surrounding preventable diseases. In fact, the stream had raised almost $4,000 before the games had even begun, which is a testament to the excitement the community has had for this event.

This tournament has a unique format, with one pro and two amateur players assigned to each team. Additionally, for more information on the teams playing in Apex Rising, check out our tournament breakdown. What's more, this tournament has simply been fun, with charming casters and fun plays from both pros and amateur players. It's a breath of fresh air in a community that's usually drenched in sweat.

Casters try manifesting more donations (Screenshot via Fallout on Twitch)
Casters try manifesting more donations (Screenshot via Fallout on Twitch)

Additionally, Apex Rising takes the opportunity to help members of the Apex Legends community like casters and content creators to reach a larger audience. Specifically, the casters have given energetic and informative casts that highlight how grassroots events can bring fantastic talent to a new audience.

Apex Rising Format (Screenshot via Fallout on Twitch)
Apex Rising Format (Screenshot via Fallout on Twitch)

How did Apex Legends Rising raise for charity?

Thus far, Apex Rising has raised over $85,000 for (RED), helped by a massive donation of $50,000 by Panasonic after the first rounds wrapped up. What's more, multiple watch parties by popular streamers like NiceWigg and Daltoosh have helped the tournament gain a larger audience. To help raise more for (RED) and support Apex Rising, you can donate here.

Who's winning so far?

Team Phony finished on top in the Winner Finals with 51 points. On the second stream, available on Spacestation’s Twitch page, Team Verhulst won the Lower Finals with 56 points.

So far, here are Apex Rising's top teams of the Winner Finals and Lower Finals.

Winner Finals Top 10

  1. Team Phony - 51
  2. Team Sweetdreams - 51
  3. Team B1N - 49
  4. Team Gent - 45
  5. Team Snip3down - 42
  6. Team Hakis - 38
  7. Team Ftyan - 38
  8. Team K4ashera - 37
  9. Team Oh_Nocturnal - 37
  10. Team Fut Taylor - 35

Lower Finals Top 10

  1. Team Verhulst - 56
  2. Team iiTzTimmy - 51
  3. Team Onmuu - 49
  4. Team Yanya - 46
  5. Team Jomacs - 46
  6. Team Hamb1no - 46
  7. Team Drumbum - 42
  8. Team Stuhni - 40
  9. Team Apryze - 30
  10. Team Genos - 30

Best moments in clips

Six hours straight of Apex pros shepherding their amateur teammates to victory makes for some entertaining situations, and therefore, fun clips. Here are some of the best from both streams!

Nocturnal pulls off the smoothest shield swap ever

Sweet squeaks by with a tense rat moment

Nocturnal wins a close-up charge rifle fight with iiTzTimmy

Longbow shot ends clutch moment from Team Yanya's Tacos4thisVato

iizTimmy survives multi-squad push and wins 1v3

KyroBloom on Team Verhulst lands their last Kraber shot

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