Everything you need to know about the upcoming charity Pro-Am event.

The first-ever Apex Rising tournament will begin on April 20. This charity event comes to us from popular ALGS caster Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos, and provides an opportunity for both amateur and pro players alike to participate in Apex Legends events.

For more information on Falloutt's mission and the origins of Apex Rising be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Falloutt!

What is the Apex Rising tournament?

The Apex Rising tournament is, according to the official Twitter account, “a community-driven, grassroots program” that seeks to open up tournament opportunities for fans of the game at all competitive levels. Using a combination of one pro player and two amateur players per team, the tournament hopes to raise one million for (RED), a charity for fighting injustice surrounding preventable and treatable diseases.

Tournament Information via @ApexRisingUp on Twitter
Tournament Information via @ApexRisingUp on Twitter

When is the Apex Rising tournament?

Apex Rising will begin on Thursday, April 20 at 6 p.m. EST until 12 a.m. EST. The second day of the tournament will also begin at 6 p.m. and will run until 12 a.m. as well.

Where can I donate?

To support Apex Rising, you can donate via Tiltify here.

How does the tournament work?

Apex Rising will consist of 40 teams, each individually made up with one pro player and two amateur players. However, the amateur players must be at least Diamond ranked or above. The 40 teams will be placed into four groups with ten teams each. Group A will play against Group B at the same time Group C plays against Group D. 

The top ten from each match will move on to the Winners 1, while the bottom ten will move to Losers 1. In Winners 1, the top ten teams will move onto the finals while the bottom ten go to Losers 2. Afterwards, the top ten teams from Losers 1 will move onto Losers 2, while the bottom ten of Losers 1 will be eliminated.

Where can I watch?

The action will be streamed across two channels during the tournament.

Who will compete in Apex Rising?

So far, only half of the 40 teams for Apex Rising have been announced. The teams that have been announced are listed below and will be updated as more team annoucements are made.

Team 1
(Team Hakis)

  • @Alliance_Hakis
  • @itsobloodreina
  • @smh_Hood

Team 2
(Team Natinunez)

  • @NatiNunezTV
  • @Svghokage
  • @subliimax
  • Coach: @ceryal_

Team 3
(Team Monsoon)

  • @MonsoonGG
  • @INF_Jazzrez
  • @AllProof_TTV

Team 4
(Team Apryze)

  • @Apryze_
  • @Koncept187
  • @RiotTenMusic
  • Coach: @KLGInZaneyy

Team 5
(Team Rambeau)

  • @RamBeauski
  • @Average_Jonas
  • @YoriStill
  • Coach: @WabiSabiNC

Team 6
(Team Wxtlzy)

  • @Wxltzy
  • @LachlanYT
  • @Genburten
  • Sub: Brake

Team 7
(Team B1N)

  • @_B1Nn_
  • @ThalesTeixeireR
  • @GodlyKaiser

Team 8

  • @WeThePeople1_TV
  • @RainszFPS
  • @CloverWzy
  • Coach: @alook_gg

Team 9
(Team Avuhlie)

  • @avuhlie
  • @TwitchPBG
  • @Meenuhhh_
  • Coach: @itshundredz

Team 10
(Team Stuhni)

  • @stuhni
  • @FaZeBizzle
  • @TGS_Aslan174

Team 11
(Team Nocturnal)

  • @oh_Nocturnal
  • @ashwie_
  • @Selen_Tatsuki

Team 12

  • @Phonyhead
  • @lightlyrs
  • @Nthn2K_

Team 13

  • @SamuraiSky_
  • @ShivFPS
  • @CansRLI
  • Coach: @fastrrtv

Team 14
(Team Gent)

  • @G2Gent
  • @Michael_0062
  • @jimmy_turtie

Team 15
(Team Dezignful)

  • @G2Dezignful
  • @Beetle_Juicr
  • @its_zonaaa

Team 16
(Team Sabz)

  • @Sabzbear
  • @fairyfayaa
  • @Hiarky
  • Coach: @hodisc

Team 17
(Team Drumbum)

  • @drumbum_
  • @megatronnie
  • Coach: @kawstuh

Team 18
(Team RKN)

  • @rknhd
  • @GH057ayame
  • @Wolfmayyne

Team 19
(Team Noko)

  • @Nokopuffs
  • @_modelmorg
  • @ZeroLoveGiivn
  • Coach: @LeotheLion25

Team 20
(Team Killopoz)

  • @Killoposz1
  • @ChaAYMeiei
  • @Neumond13

Team 21

  • @sweetdreams
  • @KaliOW2
  • Chinolisa

Team 22
(Team MsDopey)

  • @MsDopeyGames
  • @sweetxsage
  • @SilencedKnight
  • Coach: @AyeJHawk

Team 23
(Team Bulletl)

  • @BulletL_
  • @Qu1nntessential
  • @jxrdnz

Team 24
(Team Artinn1)

  • @artinn1fps
  • @Vrosess_
  • @PlatinumWheelss
  • Coach: @Tur0gh

Team 25
(Team Onmuu)

  • @Onmuu_
  • @Funk
  • @The__Pask

Team 26
(Team Snip3down)

  • @Snip3down
  • @ChapFN
  • Kroosifier

Team 27
(Team Hambino)

  • @Hamb1no
  • @ryatake_
  • @LichVtuber
  • Coach: @Exodus_txt

Team 28
(Team Panayie)

  • @panayie
  • @Co1azo
  • @overclockin
  • Coach: @NigerianSea

Team 29
(Team Yanya)

  • @YanyaMx
  • @Tacos4thisVato
  • @cucochilaquil

Team 30 (Team Taylor)

  • @Taylor9801
  • @GrandmaForfeit
  • @FizireTwitch
  • Coach: @TheeBleahciM

Who's casting?

These are the casters that we know of that will be working on the main stream of the Apex Rising tournament and the B stream.


Special shoutout to esports.gg own's Tom Bull, who will also be casting for Apex Rising!

Stay tuned to esports.gg for more Apex Rising and more esports news!