Falloutt joins us to round up the carnage that Gambit and Alliance got up to in Day 2 of the EMEA. Following their revival, things are looking spicy.

Day 3 of the ALGS Championship EMEA looms and the opening two days was a fierce contest between a wide range of teams.

In stark contrast to the NA’s ALGS Championship opening day with NRG and G2 success, the power structure of teams in Europe was far from clear cut. The competition was deep and even relatively unknown teams such as TRex and New Esports were making their presence felt. Esports.gg’s Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos praised the new snake format, stating it “brought out the best in Apex“.

Falloutt’s Takeaways from Day 1 and 2 of the ALGS Championship EMEA

Day 1: Phenomenal underdogs or underperforming favourites?

“Unlike NA, the jury is still out on who EMEA’s clear-cut top teams are with Alliance and Gambit currently outside of Top 10,” said Falloutt after Day 1 of ALGS EMEA. “Alliance and Gambit both started very slow from Day 1 – it’ll be important to keep an eye on how they recover in Day’s 2 and 3.”

For context, at the end of Day 1, Alliance were in 16th place and Gambit at 14th, both sitting on 34 Points. Meanwhile, New Esports surprisingly finished in 1st place with a staggering 92 points, almost triple the total of Alliance and Gambit.

“SCARZ performing great after a relatively quiet Winter Circuit for them, and NEW Esports unexpectedly being the top team following Day 1 poses an important question. Is their success proof of how deep the competition ran in EU, or was it down to the inconsistency of the top EU teams on the opening day?” said Falloutt.

New Esports had a thunderous 17 kills in game 6, while New Esports’ Postkill pulled off not one, but TWO 1v3s as Caustic in Game 5 and 6 while his team were knocked. Another impressive performance came from FoTM (Flavor of the Month), who took 2 wins, with a spicy 15 kills in game 2. Those two performances catapulted them end Day 2 in second place.

Top 8 Standings after Day 1 ALGS Championship EMEA

92 Points – New Esports
76 Points – FlavoroftheMonth
75 Points – SCARZ Europe
66 Points – Aqualix
55 Points – T-Rex
53 Points – K1CK
50 Points – Totem Esports
47 Points – Les cites de France

Day 2: Gambit and Alliance rise from the dead to destroy the competition

After an underwhelming opening day, Gambit and Alliance came back with a vengeance. “This Group Stage format for ALGS Champs shined even brighter on Day 2, proving that even if you have a poor Day 1 (Gambit and Alliance), you can still claw back into a top spot in the standings with a great follow up performance,” said Falloutt.

“Quite possibly the best single performance we have ever seen from a team in ALGS history, with Gambit dropping 100 points in a 6-game series”

Falloutt on gambit’s 100 Point day 2

Gambit win 100 Points in a single day

“Day 2 of ALGS EMEA brought was what quite possibly the best single performance we have ever seen from a team in ALGS history, with Gambit dropping 100 points in a 6-game series and going from being well-outside of the Top 10 in overall standings to #1 overall with 134 points.”

The incredible performance by Gambit meant by the end of Day 2 they had jumped from 14th place to 1st, cementing their reputation as one of Europe’s finest.

“Gambit’s Game 6 glow up was one of the most insane individual and team-based plays we have ever seen in competitive Apex, with Hardecki and Leogri going huge in the end game to win a game that seemed un-winnable,” said Falloutt.

“Hardecki proved on Day 2 that he might just be the best player in Apex Legends with consistent, jaw dropping plays for his team.”

Alliance a real threat after winning 3 of their 6 games

Gambit were not the only team to rise from the dead on Day 2, Alliance also put their Day 1 worries far far behind them. On Day 2 they went on a killing spree that led to 3 wins in 6 matches. The incredible performance resulted in 95 Points, taking Alliance from 16th place to 2nd place, right behind Gambit.

“We have yet to see an incredibly strong Valkyrie team on the main broadcast,” said Falloutt. “However, Alliance switched from BH to Valk and found a lot of success on Day 2, so it will be exciting to see how they play Valkyrie when we see them on the main broadcast in Day 3.”

Flavor of the Month and New Esports still top 4

New Esports who were 1st on Day 1, earned another 37 Points to put them at 3rd place heading into Day 3 of the ALGS Championship EMEA groupstage.

Meanwhile, Flavor of the Month’s 45 points puts them just outside of that top 3 spot. “Flavor of the Month back to back wins in Games 4 & 5 after starting slow showed their resilience and ability to bounce back,” said Falloutt. “This group just needs to get signed, they really deserve it.”

“The door is wide open on Day 3 for any of our Top 40 teams to break into Top 20, and that is what makes this format so exciting,” added Falloutt.

Top 8 Standings after Day 2 ALGS Championship EMEA

134 Points – Gambit
129 Points – Alliance
129 Points – New Esports
121 Points – Flavor of the Month
107 Points – Totem Esports
100 Points – Fire Beavers
93 Points – Aqualix
92 Points – SCARZ Europe

“The door is wide open on Day 3 for any of our Top 40 teams to break into Top 20, and that is what makes this format so exciting”


The competition in the ALGS Championship EMEA is definitely heating up as we head into Day 3. Gambit and Alliance proved just how quickly a team can climb the table with this format, and realistically any team currently in the top 20 could get top 5 by the end of Day 3 with a big showing.

We’ll be covering the EMEA and NA Championships here on esports.gg, so be sure to visit to stay up to date with the latest Apex Legends news. Be sure to check out our article on Day 1 of the NA Championship.


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