BYG Benny: “To be honest, if we were thrust into group stages right away, it would be embarrassing”

Beyond Gaming head coach Benny is learning to manage different personalities in his first year no longer as a player.

Sage Datuin

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MLP: “SEA probably could’ve taken 3-4 spots at TI comfortably, but the region was way too competitive”

The veteran SEA Dota casting duo MLP and johnxfire chimed in on their expectations for Fnatic and T1 going into TI10

Mike Tsang

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2021 LoL World Championship: Teams, Prize pool, Format and More

DWK, Edward Gaming, MAD Lions and many more participate in the 2021 Leauge of Legends World Championship. Riots biggest event kicks off October 5 in Iceland.

Jordan Marney

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100T Huhi: “When I got the offer of 100 Thieves for support, I was scared.”

Huhi’s career nearly fell apart, but now he is finding his stride once again. Now he is heading to the World Championships looking to expand on his redemption arc.

Sage Datuin

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Grandmasterful: lambyseries and CaelesLuna on the “self-touchy” meta and winning with every class

Lambyseries and CaelesLuna talk Hearthstone Grandmasters ahead of their season 2 debuts. The duo spoke about the new cards, grinding, and being a Pro. Oh and the “self touchy” meta.

Steven Mullahoo

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Spectre Guide: How To Haunt Your Pubs

Want to slowly crush your opponents? Be the king of the late game? Then check out our guide on how to build and play Spectre.

Gabe "TCGDota" Phillips

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Rise VALORANT IGL Poised: “When you can beat the best team in the world, no matter the map, it gives you confidence as a team.”

RISE Valorant IGL Poised seems confident heading into the lower bracket of the VCT NA Challengers Playoffs.

Dustin Steiner

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Rise Neptune: “VALORANT is in its first surface level of gameplay and that is what makes it all exciting.”

Jason “Neptune” Tran is looking to take his years of experience in CS and apply it to RISE.

Sage Datuin

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