The League of Legends World Championship is back 22 teams will compete in a battle to lift the summoners cup.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. 2020 champions Damwon will be back to defend their throne, but will you pick them in this years pick'em? As is tradition with the World Championship, fans will get the opportunity to compete against each other in a battle of predictive skill. Here is esportsgg's Worlds pick'em guide.

Crystal Ball new to Worlds Pick'em for 2021

One of the latest editions to the Worlds pick'em game is the Crystal Ball. The Crystal Ball gives players earn an extra 20 points to their tally. These points are earned by correctly predicting the winner of the tournament prior to the start. Say your North American hopium is in full swing, then predict one of the LCS sides to lift the trophy (this is not recommended).

How to predict the 2021 LoL World Championship

Image courtesy of <a href="">LoL Esports</a>
Image courtesy of LoL Esports

The 2021 Worlds pick'em will start from the group stage. While many fans would have liked to have seen a change, Riot has confirmed play-ins will be available next year. As per every World Championship, predictors must place each team where they think they will finish the group stage. For example, if you believe Damwon KIA is going to get the best of FunPlus Phoenix in Group A, then they will place DWK first.

Following the group stage, fans will then get to select who will go through the bracket and ultimately lift the summoners cup. The bracket stage pick'em will be available following the ending of the group stage.

What if I forget to lock-in my Pick'em?

Luckily for the forgetful, Riot has introduced a great new pick'em feature for 2021. Introducing the Coin, a new RNG system that makes predictions for the players. Let's say you forgot to pick the winner of one of the quarter-finals matchups, the Coin will pick a winner at random. This is a great feature to allow players to remain in contention for in-game prizes.

How will the Worlds Pick'em be scored?

As stated earlier, players that correctly predict the winner through the Crystal Ball will receive an extra 20 points. Players will receive two points for each team they predict to make it out of groups and a further three points for correctly placing them in the correct position. Each correct pick for third and fourth will also score you two points.

For the knockout stage, a correct quarter-finals pick will earn you five points, ten for the semi-finals and an incredible 20 for the final. While the Coin is a great feature, it also comes at a price for missing out on picking for yourself. Players will receive fewer points for each correct pick from the Coin.

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