Element 6 continue dominance in EMEA Pro League cover image

Element 6 continue dominance in EMEA Pro League


Element 6 once again won the A vs B match up as they continued their good start to the EMEA Pro League. Elwin "KSWINNIIE" Echeveria, Anton "Slab" Eklundh and Connor "Cjracked" Loughran clearly have the measure of their group B counterparts.

Elsewhere, Alliance waved goodbye to stalwart Yuki with their best performance of the season. Whomever Alliance target to replace Yuki will find the organisation in a much better position in the overall standings. Alliance have turned around a slow start to move towards the top eight and a LAN position.

Element 6 wreak havoc once again

Element 6 have performed the rare feat of winning the same group match up back to back. They took off a difficult performance against group C to pick up exactly where they left off on the opening day of the season.

Element 6 showed exactly the same immense fighting chemistry that saw them run the board back in January. They racked up strong amounts of kills in each and every game. This helped them combat some difficult zones, especially on Storm Point.

In game two, the nine kills they had acquired before they took an EVAC Tower into the zone proved especially crucial. Ending outside of North Pad, in the rocks and water, there was simply nowhere for Element 6 to go.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

This could have easily been a low scoring game, but the kills that Element 6 were able to gather on the edge before making their move helped them post an impressive 11 points despite dying in ninth.

Element 6 did get one very favourable zone, pulling toward Trials where they land. While they'd all but wrapped up the win by this point, they still took full advantage of this good fortune with an impressive top four finish.

Use of Havoc very key

The keen eye would have spotted that Element 6 have joined the emerging Havoc and 30-30 meta. More and more players are dropping the SMG or Shotgun secondary in favour of the Energy ammo Assault Rife.

Element 6 won fight after fight with multiple Havocs in play. The weapon has fantastic statistics, with or without a turbo. It has great hip fire spread, great damage and impressive magazine capacity.

It's very unusual to see teams use an Assault Rifle as a secondary but it was very effective for Element 6 today.

Impressive KSWINNIIE clutch

KSWINNIIE was responsible for a particularly impressive moment in todays games. With all the talk of controller players, aim assist and close range fights, 'MNK' user KSWINNIIE stayed calm in match five to win a key 1v1.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

He played knockdown shields with great calmness and discipline, eliminating Infinite and helping Element 6 drop into the days final game with victory all but secured.

Today's result helps Element 6 keep their ongoing contest in Group C, with their LAN spot inching closer the pressure is relieved as they head into their next set of games.

The day's top five:

  • Element 6 - 76
  • Cybercats - 50
  • Orgless and Hungry - 50
  • o7 - 49
  • Alliance - 44

Alliance wave goodbye to Yuki

This was the so called 'last dance' for Yuki with his Alliance teammates Hakis and Effect. The ALGS veteran announced yesterday that he was stepping back from competition. He will be a substitute for the roster moving forward.

Alliance finished fifth today, picking up a game win on their way. Today's result helps Alliance continue to turn around their slow start. Whoever the Swedish organisation are targeting to replace Yuki will join a team that has perhaps not found their top gear this season, but is still in a great spot for LAN.

Alliance will hope to make the most of this situation, and benefit from a bit of a honeymoon period with their new pickup. It's clear that while they have not performed badly, they aren't quite at their best and this change could end up benefitting the roster moving forwards.