After three years, Yuki parts ways with Alliance’s Apex Roster cover image

After three years, Yuki parts ways with Alliance’s Apex Roster

After three long years, Yuki has decided to step down from Apex Legends’ EMEA titans.

After three years, eleven ALGS competitions and countless other tournaments, Yuki has stepped down from Alliance's roster. Alliance have been a cornerstone of EMEA Apex, and with it their roster has been competing at the highest level consistently. However after a surprising announcement earlier today, a key member of their roster, Yuki, is stepping down from the team.

Alliance's Yuki steps down from Alliance

You heard right. Announced earlier today, Oscar "Yuki" Jiang has stepped down from Alliance's Apex Legends roster. In his official statement, Yuki explained that he's been playing Apex and dedicating his life to it for the last four years. The majority of those four years were spent with the Alliance squad. Yuki only had appreciation for the support that community that Alliance fans have. As Alliance has become, and still is a pillar of the EMEA region. However, Yuki felt the need to part ways from Alliance at this time.

Yuki has not mentioned what his plans for the future are. However, in the statement, he mentioned there will be future adventures in "phase two". It's also worth noting that Yuki isn't entirely off the Alliance roster. He has just moved to the inactive roster, that he remains on the Alliance squad as a substitute player. Additionally, he will still participate on the Alliance roster for the Apex Asia Festival.

Yuki as a player

Alliance's roster is a pillar of the EMEA region due to their consistent high placements at tournaments. Not only dominating EMEA's Split 2 last year, but also consistently performing very well at ALGS LAN events. Yuki was part of the Alliance squad that finished fifth at the Split 1 Playoffs in London. You can see his full tournament results here.

Alliance's Yuki is one of the top players in the EMEA region. Although he typically anchors with Legends like Catalyst or Valkyrie, he can still hold is own easily. A perfect example is when Yuki had a 1v1 with the CEO himself, ImperialHal at ALGS London.

However, this isn't the end of the road for Yuki. As he mentions in his statement, he's cooking something up in phase two of his Apex career. As for Alliance's roster, we'll just need to keep an eye out to see which talent they'll bring on next.

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