Disguised pick up The Dojo ahead of ALGS Pro League cover image

Disguised pick up The Dojo ahead of ALGS Pro League

Disguised officially sign the roster known as The Dojo.

Disguised have announced that they are signing The Dojo ahead of the ALGS Pro League returning this weekend. The team, comprised of iiTzTimmy, Enemy, Dezignful and Bronzey won over the hearts of Apex fans with a fantastic performance at the ALGS Championship. Disguised are also signing The Dojo's coach, Bronzey.

Disguised were one of only two ALGS partner teams to not have an announced roster before competition. They had previously been in Apex Legends, but signed a roster only for the duration of the ALGS Championship. Year 4 will be their first full year in Apex Legends.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Who is the new Disguised Apex roster?

In 'The Dojo', Disguised have one of the best mixes of Apex players possible. This team comes with a huge fan following, impressive social reach and of course top level skill. In their announcement on X, Toast and NiceWigg made a lighthearted reference to iitzTimmy's huge following, and that being a factor behind the decision.

While this is a lighthearted commentary on the current state of esports, it is clear that this roster was especially attractive for both their talent and their stature within Apex.


Timothy "iitzTimmy" An is one of the biggest streamers in Apex Legends. The Dojo was his big return to Apex Legends competition, having only competed sparingly over the previous few years. His ALGS Last Chance Qualfier win saw him make his first appearance in a competitive LAN environment.

They performed way above expectations. Despite being contested by Alliance on Worlds Edge, Dojo managed to finish in fourth place overall. This netted them $170,000 and a spot in this years ALGS Pro League automatically.

Timmy will be remaining on 100 Thieves as a content creator as well as competing for Disguised professionally. He revealed on stream that Disguised are not paying him. Timmy instead chose to give his pay to his teammates.


Tyler "Dezignful" Gardner brings a wealth of experience to the Disguised roster. He added much needed grit to the Dojo roster, having competed at the top level of ALGS for several years. From AimAssist, to G2 Dezignful has won countless events in both the ALGS and beyond.

Undoubtedly his highlight, outside of the ALGS Championship, was back to back second places in ALGS playoff events during the COVID era. The then SolaFide team had unmatched consistency and that experience and winning record will be a great asset to the Disguised Apex Legends roster.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady


Alexander "Enemy" Rodriguez is perhaps the least known of the former Dojo players. Disguised will be a huge step up for the 18 year-old, who was last signed to Oxygen Esports.

Enemy is part of a wave of young, hungry controller players who have dominated the ALGS scene in recent years. Alongside players like Xynew, Fuhhnq, Koyful and Gild he has risen incredibly quickly through the scene.

Enemy has had a slightly disrupted off-season, having needed emergency heart surgery to save his life in late September. Thankfully, he has made a full recovery and currently sits among the top 20 ranked players in the game.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Will Disguised be able to perform well in ALGS?

There is a fair amount of expectation on the Disguised roster ahead of the ALGS Pro League resuming this weekend. Disguised won't begin their campaign till January 27th, so will have a little more time to prepare than some of their fellow competitors.

It's clear that this roster has almost infinite talent, and simply needs to apply that week in week out across the Pro League. North America is a very competitive region, and finding consistency will be the challenge. As The Dojo, the now Disguised roster showed up when it mattered in two crucial tournaments when the pressure was on.

However, there is less pressure and attention riding on each individual Pro League week. Staying motivated, focused and driven throughout the regular season will be key for this team to be successful. There has been the odd occasion where tensions have ran high, but if this roster is working in harmony and firing on all cylinders they are a major contender for one of the 12 LAN spots.