In a recent Twitlonger post, NEW Esports’ K4SHERA explains the roster changes in 2021 and why her parted ways with Tyler and Denzaay.

On January 18th, New Esports's captain Francisco "K4SHERA" Alves released a sudden statement regarding the departure of his former team-mate Denis "Denzaay" Brendstrup and Tyler "Tyler" Wood.

The two players were removed from New Esports in October and June of last year. However, it was not until now that K4shera has explained in detail why they left the team. New Esports have a reputation for constantly changing players, with captain K4shera having a keen eye for untapped talent.

A Brief History of the Portuguese Powerhouse

New Esports is a well known squad in the EMEA region. The squad of experienced players built around K4SHERA had made a lasting impression with their older performances in tournaments. With second places finishes at Blast Titan's double Elimination tournament and EURAT Final showdown, NEW Esports was nothing to scoff at. However, these wins were few and far. The team has been having lacklustre performances in B-tier tournaments and above, typically placing 10th.

NEW Esports had quite the 2021, with 11 roster changes over the year. Nearly every month, players would join, leave and then rejoin. Tyler "Tyler" Wood joined the team mid April and 2 months later he would leave, only to rejoin the team later that year in October and once again leaves in November. The squad was messy to say the least, and this only scratched the surface.

K4SHERA's Statement regarding his perspective on Denzaay and Tyler

Regarding Denzaay

To be brief, K4SHERA's statement on Twitlonger was about his teammates Tyler and Denzaay and was messy to say the least. K4SHERA explains that Denzaay suffered from poor mental health, lack of motivation and depression prior to the start of ALGS. However, after paying for a 3 week long bootcamp which included Denzaay's flight and transportation, they improved. Only for the next scrim match for Denzaay to lash out due to a poor performance.

"denzaay in the end says that he was delaying the situation, that he has been annoyed by me for alot of times and he was just trying to control himself for the entire time"

K4SHERA on denzaay's attitude

After things cooled down, there was a team meeting in which Denzaay explained that he had been annoyed at K4SHERA and he (Denzaay) was trying to control himself around K4SHERA. As the meeting went on, K4HSERA explained that although Denzaay is a great player, his mentality and lack of respect was too much to handle.

Regarding Tyler.

As K4SHERA describes it: "he (Tyler) wasn't the player we felt we needed for a long term". After Tyler parted ways for the first time, it seems like there were unhealed wounds. And as weeks went on, the team chemistry was on a steady decline.

The unfortunate cherry on top was the news of the ALGS LAN being cancelled, and so K4SHERA took time to re-evaluate NEW Esports. Ultimately, he ended up finishing the ALGS Pro league with their substitute and a good friend : Senzz. However, due to his university exams, Senzz had to step out and Ameer "VJEIX" Hassan joined in his stead.

 "he wasn't the player we felt we needed for a long term."

K4SHERA on Tyler joining NEW Esports

This was meant to not cause much drama in the pro scene of Apex, but more for K4SHERA to express his thoughts. Hopefully this gives time for the players to reflect and improve before ALGS starts back up.