The new Broken Moon map in Apex Legends has a bunch of lore. Read on to learn all about it.

The release of Season 15 of Apex Legends has brought in a brand-new map, Broken Moon, and new lore with it. Broken Moon is the fifth map to be released by Respawn and features a brand-new system of powered zip rails. According to the developers, it is also slightly larger than the World’s Edge map. The introduction to Boreas’ Moon has been a long time coming and its extensive lore is covered below!

Boreas origins and Broken Moon map in Apex Legends

The Broken Moon lore begins on the planet Boreas. The planet and its orbiting moon were struck by a meteor in 2708 and have been plagued with calamities ever since. This catastrophe happened to be concurrent with the birth of Obi “Seer” Edolasim. This, combined with his unique, pale-blue eyes and pre-existing folklore, caused the people of Boreas to call him cursed. This stigma followed Seer throughout his entire life and Seer eventually turned to the Arenas’ fighting games. Soon after Seer gained a devoted fan base, he was eventually chosen as the next Legend to join the Apex Games in 2734.

Despite his fame and success, the people of Boreas still blamed Seer for their misfortunes. During an interview with character Lisa Stone, a reporter who also witnessed Revenant’s introduction into the Apex Games, this anger was brought up. Stone drilled Seer about his home planet, mentioning that some believe Seer’s calamitous gaze resulted the Boreas moon’s destruction and caused the food shortages and ecosystem disasters that currently plague the planet. Stone also criticized Seer’s inspirational sayings with, “the people of Boreas can’t fill their bellies with inspiration.” Her criticisms had an impact on Seer, as he quickly began trying to find a way to help Boreas.

Meanwhile, while Seer competed in the Apex Games, Cleo Recovery Council began a terraforming project on Cleo. The project was a success by 2715 and a colony named Broken Moon was able to settle there. The newest Legend, Catalyst, worked on building the colony in the Season 15 launch trailer. In 2734, funding and interest in the project decreased and the government of Boreas entered into a contract with the Syndicate to allow the Apex Games to take over the colony. This sudden change of plans pissed off Catalyst. Her anger is being funneled directly at Seer.

How did Seer bring the Apex Games to Boreas?

It seems that Seer was able to contact the head of the Syndicate, Duardo Silva, through fellow Legend Octane. Posts from the official Apex Legends Twitter account show Octane and Seer working hard on map plans for a future town takeover. 

Later on, art of Silva’s desktop, with messages from Seer and Octane, showed the leader of the Syndicate working on his own plans for the future location of the Apex Games. 

Seer’s original plans seemingly went awry as revealed in the scene transition “A Deleted Message.” After trying to call Silva, Seer said in the text description, “I spoke at length about bringing the Games to Boreas… what we saw was not my home planet… that was its moon, Cleo.” With the crafty Duardo Silva in charge, we can reasonably speculate that this “mistake” is part of some long-term plan of the Syndicate.

The most recent stories from the Outlands teased some of the upcoming relationship between Catalyst and Seer. So far, the two Boreas natives are at odds. It seems that Seer’s reputation with the people of Boreas has not improved despite his earnest efforts.

The Broken Moon lore will continue to expand in future seasons. Will there be further misunderstandings? Juicy drama? Come back to for further updates on the lore of Apex Legends!

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