Apex season 15 – Eclipse gameplay trailer arrives with new map, Zip rails and Catalyst cover image

Apex season 15 – Eclipse gameplay trailer arrives with new map, Zip rails and Catalyst

Season 15 is shaping up to be a phenomenal season and the gameplay trailer shows it off. Join us as we dive into the new gameplay trailer.

The new Apex Legends Gameplay trailer dropped earlier today and we got quite the glimpse into season 15. The new season features tons of new cosmetics, a new map, Zip rails and a entirely new cosmetic system all in the gameplay trailer alone. With each season, Apex Legends gets bigger and bigger, and season 15 is no different. The new season arrives November 1st with the conclusion of the Fight or Fright event.

The battleground for season 15 - Broken Moon

We finally have a new name and details of the new map for the Apex games. Season 15 of Apex Legends will take place on the moon of Boreas. The map called Broken Moon is said to be slightly larger than World's Edge but smaller than Stormpoint. Included in the blog post about the new map, EA explains there are 14 POI's included on the new map. Each of the POI's come with a bit of a preview, and they each look gorgeous and will bring life into the map.

Zip Rails, the new Jump Towers

Season 15 also introduces Zip Rails. A new mechanic that essentially replaces the Jump Towers we've all known to love. Zip rails, seen in the in-game teaser, allow legends to quickly traverse large areas. Akin to the Train from the early days on World's edge, but with more accessibility. In the blog post, EA made it clear that the Zip Rails are predictable, meaning that they are on set paths and players can shoot you down pretty easily.

Apex season 15's Battle Pass loot

Although we haven't gotten a full battle pass trailer yet, we've gotten a bit of a preview in the Season 15 gameplay trailer. This season not only brings a reactive skin for the charge rifle, but also a legendary Havoc skin. Additionally, the featured skins of the season 15 battle pass are for Revenant, Catalyst, Loba and Ash.

On top of that, the new season brings a novel cosmetic mechanic in Stickers. These, as the name implies, are stickers that can be placed on healing items for decoration. Although it seems like there is only one position for the stickers on each of the 4 healing items, there are plenty of different stickers to choose from.

Season 14 is coming to a close and Respawn isn't pulling any stops for season 15. Although we don't know the specifics of the new legend or how the new map will feel, Apex is sure to deliver. For more Apex content, stick around on Esports.gg!