Best ALGS performances of all time (5 Year Anniversary) cover image

Best ALGS performances of all time (5 Year Anniversary)

What are some of the best ALGS performances of all time?

For almost as long as we've had Apex Legends, we've had the ALGS. With Apex Legends turning five years old, we're looking back at some of the best ALGS performances in the games history.

From TSM, to NRG, to FURIA there have been some outstanding team performances across the games history. Here are a few of our favourites.

TSM find back to back to back wins at the ALGS Championship

There really isn't a better ALGS performance than this. TSM were always favourites to win the ALGS Championship, but even the most diehard TSM fan wouldn't have expected the way that they did it.

After five games, TSM found themselves way down in 13th, they weren't even half way to match point. OpTic Gaming were banging on the door of victory incredibly hard, finishing second then third since they reached the 50 point threshold.

However, TSM are never out when it comes to Apex Legends. They proceeded to electrify the Birmingham crowd, winning three games in a row. It took them two wins to reach match point, then they closed out the win at their first attempt.

Format aside, TSM earned 61 points across those three games. A phenomenal feat, and a great way to round out ALGS Year 3 the way we started. With a TSM win.

Moist win a Match Point lobby in just five games

TSM aren't the only team to win three games in a row in a match point lobby. In the 2022 APAC South Split 1 regional finals, Moist Esports needed just five games to take the victory. Emtee, Prycyy and Wxltzy were simply unstoppable.

This is one of the fastest match point victories of all time. Moist finished in the top two in four of the five games that they played. That level of consistency in a Battle Royale, with the high stakes of a Regional Final is truly incredible.

EA even adjusted the rules in response to events like these, adding in that 6 games minimum will be played in a match point tournament even if someone takes a victory.

NRG drop 20 kills in a single game at the Split 1 Playoffs

NRG put down one of the best individual LAN games that the ALGS has ever seen during the 2023 Split 1 Playoffs in London. They dropped 20, yes 20, kills in the fourth game of the finals.

NRG played phenomenally across the event. They cruised in the Winners Bracket, and had the most overall points in finals. This 20 kill game saw them comfortably kill team after team, without ever overheating and losing their composure. Sweet, Nafen and Gild even found time to quickly shoot the boxes of TSM, when they killed them earlier in the match.

Unfortunately for NRG, they couldn't quite close out the match point win and were beaten by TSM. This was certainly the best performance that this NRG roster registered across their time together and this individual game will always remain a masterclass.

ESA register 123 points in a six game Pro League series

Esports Arena, who later signed to OpTic Gaming, absolutely dominated the ALGS Split 2 Pro League. They finished first overall, which earned them that move to OpTic and a place at the ALGS LAN in Sweden.

However, their best performance that split actually came in their opening set of games. ESA broke the record for the most points earned in a six game series in ALGS. They dropped a phenomenal 123 points across the six games.

On their way to this total, they won four games back to back. This in itself would be a fantastic achievement in the highly competitive Pro League environment.

Skittlecakes, Knoqd and Dooplex even followed this performance up by winning the second set of matches, showing that this huge performance was no fluke.

It might be a very long time until we see a team get past that 123 point record in a Pro League set of matches.

FURIA shake up the meta at the 2022 ALGS Championship

While FURIA didn't win the 2022 ALGS Championship in Raleigh, their performance at that event completely changed the face of the ALGS. They dominated the event, winning the group stage, then taking second in both the winners bracket and grand finals.

FURIA at the ALGS Championship in Raleigh (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
FURIA at the ALGS Championship in Raleigh (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Xera, Pandxrz and HisWattson did this as a team that qualified via the arduous Last Chance Qualifier.

In the process of surprising the ALGS community, they also single handedly changed the meta. FURIA, under the watchful guidance of coach SeaLion, completely broke away from the established Valkyrie, Gibraltar, Caustic meta.

Almost 50% of the teams were using that set up across the tournament. However, FURIA introduced both Seer and Horizon. They used Seer to devastating effect, isolating enemies and taking aggressive fights.

This performance not only saw teams pick up Seer mid tournament, but it was the catalyst for the Seer meta that followed.

The second place that FURIA earned is an amazing achievement in itself, but to single handedly shape a meta that lasted several months in the ALGS is a lasting legacy of its own.

APAC North Regional Finals lasts 13 games

While most of our best ALGS moments are about individual teams and their performances, a hat tip has to go to all the teams that competed in the 2022 APAC North Split 1 Regional finals. There was no TSM or Moist around to hit a hot streak and quickly close out a victory.

This regional final was a total marathon. 13 teams ended up on match point, with two more reaching the threshold in the final game. It took a huge 13 games to decide a winner, with 11 teams winning at least one of those games.

The seven hour marathon is one of the most tight and tense lobbies in ALGS history. Even the final game might not have been the last. Of the final four teams, just two were on match point.

This Regional Final showed just how strong the entire APAC North region is.

NRG drop 110 points at the 2021 ALGS Championship

This might be the least remembered of all of these best ALGS performances. the 2021 ALGS Championship was held online, and 40 teams competed per region. That led to a long competition featuring 120 players per region.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

With so many teams per region, there was a fairly wide skill margin compared to the ALGS events that we are used too in the Pro League era. NRG took full advantage of that in the second day of competition, groups B vs D.

NRG dropped an absolutely huge performance. They posted 110 points in just six games, with three match wins in the process. This included 57 kills.

Second place in that group was Cloud 9. They finished on 51 points. Not only were Sweet, Rocker and Nafen over double the points of second, but they actually could have won the group without any of the placement points that they earned.

What performances across the next year of the ALGS might be worthy of adding to this list? Stay tuned to for the latest ALGS news and Apex Legends updates.