Baby Nessie Gun: Apex Legends surprises players with adorably chaotic April Fool’s weapon cover image

Baby Nessie Gun: Apex Legends surprises players with adorably chaotic April Fool’s weapon

Keeping in line with tradition, Apex Legends modified the Mozambique on April Fool’s to become the Baby Nessie Launcher.

The Apex Legends community has enjoyed some hilarious moments over the last two years on April Fool's Day! It was especially fun when the developers at Respawn decided to put the Mozambique's poor reputation to rest during the game's first April Fool's event. Introducing.. the Baby Nessie Launcher!

Just for one day, they made the Mozambique the most powerful gun in the game by giving it a hilarious buff. It feels like Peacekeeper with the rate of fire of a fully kitted EVA-8 and packed quite a wallop.

As is tradition, a data miner decided to dig into the game files and found an interesting piece of code. Biast12, the aforementioned data miner tweeted his discovery.

His tweet sparked discussion on what could potentially be the weapon for the game's April Fool's event! Looks like it had something to do with Nessie, and Spiders? Plenty of users speculated on the possibility of the weapon being a gun that fires Nessies that spit spider webs.

It's a Baby Nessie Gun!

Well, keeping with tradition, it's a Mozambique that fires Baby Nessies! Of course, they had to keep the gun's meme culture alive!

The Baby Nessie gun in and of itself isn't just a showpiece though, and can be pretty hilariously useful in fights. Players can just swarm a large fight with Nessies that hunt down and attack opponents. Each Nessie bite deals 12 damage but more importantly, they keep opponents distracted long enough to create a window of opportunity.

Where can you find a Baby Nessie gun?

These special Mozambiques are hidden in Spider Nests that spawn across all the BR maps currently in rotation. Look out for the white-yellow beams that are similar to the ones that appear when a neutral care package is about to drop.

You can find The Ol' Nessie inside one of these spider nests
You can find The Ol' Nessie inside one of these spider nests

Once you land near one of these beams, or run towards it, look for a nest with large spider eggs. Punching or shooting one of these will blow them up to reveal The Ol' Nessie, a Golden Mozambique that fires Nessies.

There are large hostile Nessies on Storm Point!

Yep, if you thought the Mozambique buff was all, you thought wrong. The prowler nests on Storm Point are no longer guarded by Prowlers. They're guarded by large Nessies! They attack and lunge at you and take out 25 health with each bite. The horror! You're going to have to kill these cuddly green monsters that make squeaky-toy sounds! These devs are truly evil!

Have fun while it lasts

Looks like it'll be a nice change of pace to see some Nessies around everywhere though. Even if it is, just for a day. Hop into the game and enjoy the Baby Nessie Gun while it lasts! All them squeaky Nessies can't just wait around all day!

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