New Apex Legends Twitch Drops are here.

New Twitch Drops for Apex Legends are here. As Season 21 of Apex continues on, Twitch drops have been implemented. From May 21 until June 3, players can claim the Violet Tendencies for the newest Legend, Alter as well as a cute Nessie charm for their collection. So, tune into eligible streams for the next two weeks to claim the Apex Legends Twitch Drops!

The Apex Legends Upheval Twitch Drops

The current set of Twitch Drops includes both a shadow-ey skin for Alter as well as an adorable Nessie. Which as always, is the true prize of the bundle. This adorable Nessie charm has them taking a big chomp out of the moon for a snack. However, the Upheaval Twitch Drops is smaller than Twitch Drops of past. As previous Twitch Drops have a bundle of three items for a specific legend. For example, the Horizon twitch drop or the ALGS Twitch drops.

Regardless, because Alter is new players don't have too many skins for her (unless they've been saving crafting materials). So, with an easy to earn skin like the one featured in the Battle Pass, there will be even more differently colored Alters running around the Outlands.

From now, May 21 until June 3 all you have to do is tune into eligible Twitch streams to claim the drops.

  • Watch for one hour to earn the Violet Tendencies Alter Skin
  • Watch for two hours to earn the Bitten Moon Charm

How to claim Twitch Drops

Claiming Twitch Drops in Apex Legends is a very simple process. All players need to do is link their EA or Steam accounts to Twitch. This can be done through the Settings tab, which you can then find the connections tab. From there, all you need to do is tune into eligible Apex Legends streams with drops enabled. After a set amount of time, players will receive the notification for the drop.

From there all you need to do is is head to your inventory to claim the items from there.

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