Apex Legends is getting a new map on the planet Boreas, Seer’s home and an upcoming in-game teaser has been leaked on Twitter

The rumor mill has been ripe with content around a new Apex Legends map coming up in Season 15. Much to the point where it has graduated past rumor into established fact. Anyone within the Apex Legends community who actively follows the game's lore and subreddit know there's a new map coming up. Thanks to AG420, a known Apex Legends leaker, we all know how the new map will look. He's leaked an upcoming in-game teaser that offers a glimpse of the new Apex Legends map on Boreas.

For context, we already know that the next map is going to be on Boreas. Boreas is Seer's home planet. All these details are known because of in-game teasers and promotional lore content from Season 13 and Season 14. It'll be interesting to see how much the next season focuses on Seer as a Legend and his lore. It's also been three seasons since we've had a new map so it'll be quite exciting to have another map as part of the BR map rotation pool.

What's in the leaked teaser?

The leaked teaser begins in the <em>Encore</em> Arenas Map
The leaked teaser begins in the Encore Arenas Map

The teaser shows a selectable game mode called "A New Home" in the matchmaking pool. Loading this mode will lead to players starting off in the Arenas Map, Encore. An announcer tells the player they've "earned a sneak peak" at the next home of the Apex Games and instructs them to board the dropship. Once the player boards the dropship, they can travel to the location of the new map. Once they reach the location of the new map, they're launched from a platform onto a magnetic zipline of sorts that will take them around the new map.

What we know about the Boras map in Apex Legends

This isn't going to be the first time the new Boreas map has been teased in Apex Legends. Over the course of Season 13 and Season 14, we've already had in-game teasers and promo lore teasers on social media that hint at a new map on Boreas. The first of these was midway through Season 13. They had added Lifeline's Clinic as a new Town Takeover on Olympus. In the clinic, players could come across several magazines which spoke of a power struggle over "The future of the moon" on Boreas.

Later on, they added voice lines between the legends about Seer's interview. An interview was posted on the official Apex Legends Twitter. In this interview, Seer was called out on his apparent disregard for the state of his home planet, while he enjoys all the fame and wealth from the Apex Games. Boreas was seemingly undergoing a humanitarian crisis at the time.

In the second chapter of the Season 14 Lore Comic, Seer is on Boreas with Rampart and Vantage. He's troubled about the interview and wants to address the people of Boreas. He gets the idea of speaking to the owner of the Syndicate to bring the Apex Games to Boreas. This would bring wealth and interplanetary media attention to Boreas, helping the people of Boreas.

The Apex Games will be held on Boreas' moon

Now, this is just speculation on our behalf but we believe the new map will be on Boreas' moon. The Encore Arenas map is on Boreas, where the player boards a dropship headed to Boreas' moon. The magazine covers in Lifeline's Clinic indicate a power struggle to determine the moon's future. Given that the map is apparently called "New Moon" based on the file shared by AG420, all teasers hint at the map being on Boreas' moon.