Apex Legends Season 13 teaser hints at Newcastle addition cover image

Apex Legends Season 13 teaser hints at Newcastle addition

Players caught a glimpse at who could be the next legend to join Apex Legends in season 13 during the loading screens of Control Mode.

There's just over a month of the Season 12 battle pass left in Apex Legends and we're close to season 13! The players have begun speculating on who the next legend is and dataminers are up to their usual business, leaking upcoming content. Amidst all this, Respawn Entertainment has decided to start teasing players with Season 13 content!

It looks like the Season 13 legend is going to be a character called "Newcastle". We know this because of a gigantic leak by a data miner that revealed the next 9 legends. Many popular leakers within the Apex Legends community have revealed his abilities already. Respawn Entertainment has only just begun with its teasers and it looks like they seem to confirm these leaks.

Season 13 of Apex Legends will probably bring changes to Storm Point

On Wednesday, the official Apex Legends social media channels shared a gif of a computer screen displaying the text; "WARNING: Deep-sea seismic event detected".

It's quite vague and evidently a teaser for something that'll happen in Season 13. What we can decipher is that it probably has something to do with Storm Point. They might bring about some changes to the map and introduce new POIs. The map is basically an island in the middle of the sea and also the most recent one in the game. It looks like we'll be seeing its first transformation.

Is Newcastle Season 13's Apex Legend?

The loading screens for Control mode tease the next Apex Legend
The loading screens for Control mode tease the next Apex Legend

When players play Control mode, which will be around as an LTM for 4 more days, they'll see teasers for the Season 13 Legend. Large holographic banners with text, "The Wait is Over, He's Here!" appear around the Caustic Treatment, Hammond Labs, and Barometer buildings based on the ongoing map-rotation in Control. According to several leaks, this legend is going to be Newcastle.

Respawn Entertainment has pulled a smart one on us in the past, with the whole Revenant-Forge fiasco. They might just get the upper hand on these leakers if they have something like that planned. A few data-miners have revealed Newcastle's abilities on their YouTube channels so there's not much left to tease anyway.

More teasers incoming; dates announced

In fact, so much content has been leaked this time around that the dates and types of teasers are also known to data miners. Thordan Smash, a reliable Apex Legends leaker has revealed dates and upcoming teasers for Apex Legends season 13 on his YouTube channel.

The dates for the teasers are as follows:

  • 7th-13th April - Promo Banners at Barometer, Caustic Treatment and Hammond Labs.
  • 13th April - First monitor teaser at Command Center (Storm Point).
  • 15th April - Second monitor teaser at Command Center.
  • 17th April - Third monitor teaser at Command Center.
  • 19th April - Sea Monster appearance.

Another data miner, HYPERMYST, revealed the upcoming promo banners through a tweet. One of these banners is currently live in-game.

There are some hilarious comparisons of the legend's silhouette in the teasers to All-Might from My Hero Academia and the Spy-Kids 3 kid. There's obviously going to be plenty of banter around Newcastle. The giant data mine leak has spoiled a lot of upcoming content, but it'll still be interesting to see how this legend will impact the meta.

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