Respawn released a small balance patch that focuses on the Prowler and L-Star. We are here to break down the mini update which aimed to address the lethality of the Prowler, a former crate weapon.

Season 10 has come off a great start. With new changes that include new POI's, a brand new gun and a great new legend. However with the brand new season, there are bound to be a couple hiccups along the way. Currently, there are 3 problems that the new season faces: Seer, the Prowler and the L-Star. The small balance patch that Respawn plans to release today focuses on the Prowler and the L-star. Additionally, the patch also fixes a hole in the map near Climatizer.

Prowler Damage Reduced

The Prowler which returned to floor loot this season has been tearing up lobbies. The total burst damage is around 75 damage, which can tear through opponents. With the balance patch, the damage of the prowler has been reduced to 14 (from 15). Even though the 1 damage reduction from the damage seems little, this lowers a body shot burst to 70 damage. This decrease in damage will ideally help the Prowler be on the same level as the other SMG's in the game.
TSM's Snip3down on Prowler nerf: " At least I can’t three burst a red armor anymore "

TSM's Snip3down has been a fan of the Prowler on his personal stream, and during a recent stream highlighted the strength of the Prowler. He made a point that the Prowler will be devastating in the hands of the pros - given the lethality of good aim with it - and be very underwhelming for inexperienced players.

"It’s better to tune and monitor than nerf something to the ground, this is 100% a good start and a great quick approach to everything," said Snip3down on Twitter. "(...) At least I can’t three burst a red armor anymore so that should give some people a sense of relief, I’m happy for a nerf though 100% regardless of my love for the weapon."

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The L-Star - Reduce ADS speed

Following the destruction that Prowler provides, the L-Star has been getting tons of popularity. The L-Star got a slight nerf in the balance patch, simply that the speed while Aiming Down Sights with the L-Star got reduced. Although the L-Star isn't getting abused, it still is in a "growing phase" which ideally means that there can be more changes coming soon.

Both these guns are also getting a higher price in arenas due to their popularity. But, as the new season is still fresh, these changes are bound to happen. Additionally, there is going to be another patch next week that focuses on Apex's newest Legend; Seer.