Apex Legends Quads: What do we know? cover image

Apex Legends Quads: What do we know?

Are the rumours true?

Rumours are rife about Apex Legends Season 21 introducing a Quads mode into the game. This rumour won't go away, and has been rumbling on for several months.

However, it would require a huge change to the way that Apex Legends works. From the design of the lobby, all the way to fundamental core aspects of gameplay and balancing.

So, what do we know about the Apex Legends Quads rumour so far?

Apex Legends Quads has been rumoured for months

While this Apex Legends Quads rumour has been resurfaced in the last 48 hours, it was first mentioned back in November 2023.

Rumours circulated, and were shared on r/ApexUncovered that a quads function was being tested. At that point it was not clear if it would be for an LTM, or as a new addition to the game.

Reception was mixed, with some fans pointing out a few gnarly combinations possible with an extra Legend per team. Who'd want to fight Caustic, Wattson, Rampart and Catalyst in a sweaty endgame? Or what about Lifeline, Conduit and Newcastle all feeding health and revives to Revenant?

(Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
(Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

There was also some questions raised about balancing spots on the map, with an extra player needing loot at each location. Although, this could be balanced with less teams to maintain 60 per game, which is the Apex Legends staple. Teams might split off into pairs to loot up at the start of a match.

Quads mode rumour resurfaces

This rumour had seemingly died down, with no real mention of a Quads mode coming to Apex Legends for some time.

However, prominent Apex leaker Osvaldatore posted on April 4th that both a Solo's and Quads mode are coming with Season 21.

He added that these do not seem to be LTM modes. That would make them standalone playlists, like Trio's and Duos.

Of course, you can't currently party up beyond three players in Apex Legends. If this rumour is true, that would mean a big overhaul of the Apex Legends lobby is on the horizon.

Is this all true?

As of now, this is all speculation and rumour. In the past, although a few years ago, Respawn have been adamant that an Apex Legends Quads (or Solos) mode would not be coming to the game.

(Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
(Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

They added that they had tested this mode before the game released, but that "trios was the magic number for us".

Now, the game has evolved considerably since 2020. In addition, the development team has changed and evolved overtime. However, as part of an exclusive interview with GameInformer in January of this year, Developers restated that the Solos mode would not ever make a return.

While that doesn't rule out the Quads mode, Osvaldatore is tying these two things together. Of course, never say never... But, until we get more information or a confirmation, some of these rumours seem a little hard to believe.

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