Quads is finally here.

The rumours were true, Apex Legends is officially getting a Quads mode on June 25. Replacing the Solos mode, this will be another Limited Time Mode that will replace the Duos playlist.

Apex Legends has never had a four player game mode before, and June 25 will be the first time we've ever seen more than three players on a team.

There had been a lot of rumours and speculation about this mode. Apex Legends Quads will release alongside the Double Take Collection Event.

How will Quads work in Apex Legends?

Like the Solos LTM, the Quads mode will be similar to the main Battle Royale mode but with some adjustments to account for the larger teams.

The mode will run from June 25 until August 6, and will still feature 60 players per lobby. There will be 15 teams, instead of 20.

Developers say that there will also be improved loot in the Quads mode. This will include increased ammo, attachments and deployable items. Blue and Purple Fully Kitted Weapons will also be more common.

Of course, to allow you to queue up with four players, the lobby will now support a fourth player there too. Some abilities have been tweaked, like Valkyrie's Ultimate attaching three players, Mirage's Dropship decoys showing four players etc.

Apex is experimenting with modes

This new Quads mode shows that Apex Legends is keen to experiment with new game modes. Developers had said Solos was never coming back, then they released a solos mode. With Apex being five years old, it is clear that the game needs to look at new and exciting modes to keep players engaged or see players return who perhaps got bored with the game.

Like Solos, Developers are keen to see feedback before developing the mode further. While some will be frustrated that the Duos mode is going to be absent for even longer, it seems possible we could see the option to play in solos, duos, trio or quads in Apex Legends in the near future.