Lifeline’s kitted out with a fire new Prestige skin.

Lifeline is finally getting her prestige skin when the Double Take Collection event releases on June 25. This collection event will see a big nerf to Bangalore and Havoc, a new Quads Mode and a host of new cosmetics.

The Lifeline Prestige skin is called Apex Corruptor,” and comes with a finisher, “RidDOCulous.”

Lifeline Prestige Skin can be purchased with Crafting Metals

Direct unlock is back for the Lifeline Prestige Skin Collection Event.  All 24 Double Take limited-time cosmetics can be unlocked via event packs or individually.

The event will feature Legendary skins for Octane, Crypto, Fuse, Conduit, Revenant, and Alter, as well as a bunch of of weapons including one for the Havoc.

As always, unlocking all 24 event cosmetics will automatically unlock the Lifeline Prestige skin. This skin comes with a fearsome new finisher called Riddoculous. While you might be used to the DOC Drone healing you, prepare to face its wrath.

The Lifelines skin has three stages like other Prestige skins, with a yellow and black skin theme. You'll certainly be taking down your enemies in style if you choose to unlock this cosmetic.

The Store tab will feature some handsome new cosmetic skins for Fuse and Ballistic. These will allow you to get some event packs at a cheaper price, making that Lifeline Prestige skin a little bit more affordable.

Double Take Collection Event Reward Tracker

Additionally, and as always, the Double Take Collection Event will feature a free Reward Tracker. Players can earn up to 1,400 points per day, challenges refresh daily, and they all stack with your Battle Pass. This allows you to multitask and minimize the grind.

However, you will need to make sure to log in every day to have the best chance of grabbing these rewards.

This collection event releases alongside a mid season patch and a new Quads mode. While this patch is not yet avaliable, you don't have long to wait. The Double Take Collection Event releases on June 25 into Apex Legends.

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