A big nerf is on the horizon.

The Havoc meta is finally getting nerfed with the Apex mid season 21 patch notes. The Havoc has been a super oppressive weapon in the last couple of seasons of Apex Legends.

Balance developer John Larson told esports.gg back in May that his loadout was Havoc, Havoc and then a third Havoc if he played Ballistic.

This weapon has now been hit with a large magazine nerf, which should help bring the weapon under control.

Apex Patch Notes: Mid season nerf to the Havoc

Havoc Rifle

  • All mag sizes reduced
    • No Mag: 20 (was 24)
    • White Mag: 24 (was 28)
    • Blue Mag: 28 (was 32)
    • Purple Mag: 32 (was 36)

G7 Scout 

  • Damage increased to 33 (was 32)
  • Rate of fire increased
  • Adjusted recoil to be more consistent when firing at max fire rate

Longbow DMR

  • Headshot multiplier increased to 2.25 (was 2.15)

R-99 SMG

  • Reduced hip-fire randomness

Rampage LMG

  • Firing animation has less vertical movement while in ADS

Weapon Rarity Sets

  • Peacekeeper (Blue and Purple)
    • Optic updated to 1x Hcog (was 2x Bruiser)
  • Charge Rifle & Sentinel (Purple)
    • Optic updated to 4-8x (was 2-4x)
    • Gunrun will keep a 2-4x

4x-10x Digital Threat Scope

  • Will no longer provide threat vision through smoke or gas

Bloodhound also getting a nerf

Alongside the Havoc, Bloodhound is also getting a nerf. They are a very high pick at the top level of Apex Legends and have a strong synergy with Bangalore. Bangalore smoke is also getting a change.

Bloodhound Nerfs in full

  • Beast of the Hunt: threat vision is no longer visible through smoke or gas
  • Upgrade: Level 2
    • Raven’s Blessing: Ult charge reduced to 20% (was 25%)
  • Upgrades: Level 3
    • NEW Sighthound: reduced Tac cooldown by 50% while Ultimate is active
    • NEW Flock: remove enemy range requirement for White Raven spawns

"Sometimes even the best teams break up and go their separate ways. Bloodhound's Ult has always had a strong synergy with Bangalore’s smoke, but the pairing has recently become dominant and a singular answer to the "can't see stuff" meta. With the removal of threat vision through smoke, Bloodhound will need to rely on their Tac scan like other Recon Legends. This should remove the necessity for the dynamic duo to pair together and allow for new roster compositions to form in its wake.

We were noticing how much the White Raven passive would fall off in the late game as enemies are naturally closer, making Raven’s Blessing upgrade much less valuable after the first ring. The new Level 3 upgrade will allow players to play off White Ravens across the match and fuel their Ult more effectively.

Alternatively, players can now tap back into some of Bloodhound’s old scan potential while in their Ult. These changes aim to shift power away from simply securing knocks for late game benefit and into more opportunities to use the Ult or the Tac through new upgrade choices."

Apex Patch Notes: Bloodhound perks

Bloodhounds perks are changing in with these mid-season Apex patch notes:

Upheaval Launch: Level 2
Upheaval Mid-Season: Level 2
Odin’s Glare
Double duration of Tactical Full-Body scan
Odin’s Glare
Double duration of Tactical Full-Body scan
Raven’s Blessing
White Ravens charge Ultimate by 25%
Raven’s Blessing
White Ravens charge Ultimate by 20%
Upheaval Launch: Level 3
Upheaval Mid-Season: Level 3
Long Hunt
Knocks extend Beast of the Hunt duration.
Reduce Tactical cooldown by 50% while Ultimate is active.
Taste of Blood
Gain 50 hp on knocks while Ultimate is active.
Remove enemy range requirement for White Raven spawns.


  • Void Passage: Crypto EMP will now affect all players phased by the Void Passage


  • Smoke Launcher: all players within smoke will now have a white highlight visible to other players in smoke within 20m


  • Upgrade: Level 3
    • Down & Away: Tac will now refresh on BOTH knocks and assisted knocks within a 3s window


  • Upgrade: Level 3
    • Grim Leaper: Tac will now refresh on BOTH knocks and assisted knocks within a 3s window

Apex Ranked Changes:

Ranked Rumble takes over the normal Ranked League at the end of the season as the singular Ranked offering. Ranked entry cost, placement, and KP tuning updated to:

  • Lower entry cost above Bronze Tier
    • Gold: 35 (was 40)
    • Platinum: 55 (was 60)
    • Diamond: 75 (was 80)
  • Placement RP Tuning now follows ALGS rules that all Top 15 will gain points
    • 15th: 5 (was 0)
    • 14th: 5 (was 0)
  • Kill Point Tuning
    • 8th: 14 (was 12)
    • 7th: 14 (was 12)
    • 6th: 16 (was 12)

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