Apex Legends officially announced the “Arsenal” update, or Season 17, as it is popularly known and there’s plenty of stuff to look forward to! Here’s everything we know!

After one of the biggest meta shake-ups in Apex Legends history with Season 16, we're finally heading for Season 17. Apex Legends Season 17 promises to be another big update that brings many new features and changes. The developers just revealed what it's called and what we can expect from the Season. Behold, Apex Legends: Arsenal!

Alongside the Stories from the Outlands trailer for the new legend; Ballistic, we also have a web page dedicated to Season 17.

Changes to Ranked in Apex Legends Season 17

Probably the biggest news from the new season is the changes to the Ranked system. The last significant change to the Ranked System was in Season 13. On paper, these changes seemed excellent but as of late players have been complaining about the grind and the sheer effort required to solo-queue through Ranked mode and make it to the higher ranks. It'll be interesting to see what they bring to the table with the new Ranked updates.

Weapon Mastery - Perks for weapon specialization?

Weapon Mastery is also an exciting addition coming to Apex Legends in Season 17. The description on the update page says "Want to prove no one wields your favorite gun like you? Complete challenges and earn rewards that show you're a Legend to be envied— and feared".

A new progression system is certainly welcome and we can't wait to see how the developers introduce Weapon Mastery to Apex Legends. It's a common feature in multiplayer shooters and rewards players who practice and improve with specific weapons.

World's Edge updated

Apex Legends added World's Edge in Season 3 and it's the first map to be added to the game after King's Canyon, the original Legacy map.
Apex Legends added World's Edge in Season 3 and it's the first map to be added to the game after King's Canyon, the original Legacy map.

World's Edge is one of the oldest maps in the game. It's received a couple of reworks and POI additions since its release during Season 3. It's going to receive a major update in Season 17 and we can't wait to see what they do with it. Especially considering its current iteration is called "Fragment Legends" by the community. Most players drop into Fragment and participate in a Warzone until a few squads manage to come out of it alive.

Meet the new Legend joining the Apex Games in Season 17

Thanks to the new Stories from the Outlands trailer, we now know that Ballistic is officially the next legend to join the Apex Games. Several leaks from the past have already revealed his ability kit and it'll be interesting to see how this new Assault Class legend fits into the meta. As per the lore, he's someone who participated in the earliest iteration of the Apex Games and had to leave as he faced disgrace for letting his teammates down. He's back in the Apex Games at the cost of his son and aims to redeem himself.

Evolved Firing Range

Last but not the least, the Firing Range is receiving several updates in Season 17. An intriguing development documented through in-game teasers over the last few weeks. It looks like the Firing Range will be moving to a new location. Additionally, it could boast lots of new features. We're personally hoping for features that reflect a lot more game mechanics.

Apex Legends developers have finally thrown the community a bone and announced the new season. This comes when the game is plagued by several technical issues with the community calling for attention. The competitive scene in the game is growing faster than ever with Realm and the Apex Rising charity tournament proving to be major successes. Season 17 should build on this and fix ongoing problems. Apex Legends Arsenal officially releases on May 9, 2023.

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