Season 17 leaks suggest the next Legend will be named Ballistic. He may be an Assault class character with weapon-based abilities.

With the newest season of Apex Legends right around the corner, fans are eager to learn anything they can about the next character to join the Apex Games.

Who's the next Legend?

Based on both leaks and in-game teasers, it's most likely that the next Legend to join the Apex Games will be named Ballistic. The first teaser is a magazine cover in the firing range titled, “Going Ballistic? The Next Apex Competitor Could Come from a Combat Dynasty.” Since last season of Apex Legends did not release a new character in favor of reworking the class system, fans are eager for any information on the newest Legend. In fact, the last new Legend to join the Apex Games was Catalyst in November 2022.

Legend teaser (Image via @SenosApex on Twitter)
Legend teaser (Image via @SenosApex on Twitter)

This small teaser all but confirms the next character's alias. This magazine may also reveal the real name of the upcoming Apex Legends character as August Brinkman, though there are two other names on the cover as well. However, that specific name ties in to leaked voice lines from Gibraltar, Mirage, and Rampart. 


"Ballistic? THE Ballistic? That brings back memories, brotha. Always bet on him back in my Thunderdome days. Gonna be wild, squading up with his kid. Hahaha, he’ll have Gibraltar to keep him safe!"


"Man, what do I have to do to get my cover story! What is this? Oh, wow, I’m glad I don't have to compete against my dad’s legacy! Y’know, amiright? I’m gonna go cry."


"Oh, some light reading! Brinkman? Yeah, that name rings a bell. Heard he rang plenty of bells back in the day, heheh! Wonder if I could get Junior here to lend me the old racket?"

Listen to the full voice lines here.

What are the next Legend's abilities?

Ballistic’s abilities have not been confirmed, but current leaks suggest that he will be in the Assault class and that his kit will be centered around weaponry with an ultimate that could somehow enhance the weapons of his teammates for a short time.

Who is Ballistic in Apex Legends?

Many fans hoped to see Kuben Blisk in Apex Legends, and it seemed likely that the beloved Titanfall character might join the Apex Games.

Blisk is potentially the father of the upcoming legend (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Blisk is potentially the father of the upcoming legend (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

However, based on the leaked voice lines, it now seems more likely that the new Apex Legends character will be the son of the famous Outlands fighter. Perhaps, once more information is released on Ballistic, his personality and lore, he will be added to the increasingly long list of Legends with daddy issues such as Octane, Valkyrie, and Wattson.

More information on Ballistic and his abilities will arrive in the next couple of weeks as Season 17 comes closer to its release date. For more Apex Legends and esports news, check back on!

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