Catalyst abilities revealed in Apex Legends character trailer cover image

Catalyst abilities revealed in Apex Legends character trailer

Catalyst abilities have been revealed in an official trailer from Respawn Entertainment, showing just how she will change the meta.

Respawn Entertainment has dropped the official trailer for Catalyst, giving Apex Legends players their first glimpse of her confirmed abilities.

Catalyst has been a highly anticipated legend for her witchy goth aesthetic, talented voice actress, and interesting powers. In the latest Stories from the Outlands, players got to learn more about Catalyst's backstory, including her ability to manipulate ferrofluid.

Even before players knew her official abilities, it looked like her use of ferrofluid was a great counter to the ongoing overpowered scan meta. Now, Apex Legends players can finally see her abilities in action thanks to the latest video from Respawn Entertainment.

Catalyst abilities revealed in legend trailer

Curious what this witch can do with her ferrofluid powers? Her kit was revealed in a new legend trailer that was dropped earlier today.

Passive: Barricade

Catalyst's passive uses the goopy fluid to reinforce doors and create a barricade where doors have already been destroyed. This helps Catalyst and her team set up a defense or even trap enemies inside an area unexpectedly. The entryways will take a lot more time to get through, which an be quite frustrating since Catalyst can use Barricade on up to two doors at a time.

Tactical: Piercing Spikes

Catalyst's main ability has the witch throw out a patch of ferrofluid that turns into a spiky puddle on the ground. The foreboding black spikes slow down enemies trapped within it. They can still move but will take damage as they wade through it. Catalyst is immune to enemy spikes.

Ultimate: Dark Veil

Dark Veil is Catalyst's most highly anticipated ability. The ultimate allows her to raise up a permeable wall of ferrofluid. Enemies who walk through it will be slowed down and partially blinded for a brief time. This is an ultimate that will hopefully impact the frustratingly oppressive meta since legends like Seer and Bloodhound won't be able to reveal where enemies are on the other side of her wall.

With her game-changing abilities and badass attitude, the Apex Legends community is excited to have Catalyst on the roster.