New Apex Legend Catalyst and Season 15 teased in New Stories from the Outlands cover image

New Apex Legend Catalyst and Season 15 teased in New Stories from the Outlands

Apex Legend’s new Stories from the Outlands reveals the newest Legend and the new map for Season 15 of Apex Legends – Eclipse.

The new Stories from the outlands premiered earlier and introduced tons of information for season 15 of Apex Legends. The purely cinematic trailer showcased the both some backstory for the new legend as well as the new map Boreas. Season 15 of Apex is titled Eclipse, and has Catalyst as the newest legend to join the roster.

Catalyst, Apex's Newest Legend

Unlike previous legends of past seasons, we have a rough idea of Catalyst before season 15 starts. There was a massive leak back in March, where the next 9 Legends that would be introduced were shown.

Vantage and Newcastle were included in these Legends, and their abilities haven't changed from the leak. So, if the leak holds true like the other legends, we have a pretty good idea of Catalyst and her abilities.

According to the leak, Catalyst is a defensive legend that can build structures using "Ferrofluid". This Ferrofluid is shown in the new Stories from the Outlands as the mysterious black liquid. But in terms of how Catalyst can utilize it, well she can create platforms, ramps or other structures for players to move on.

Then, her ultimate allows her to create a tower for immediate high ground. The ultimate dubbed "Iron Tower" will most likely be a similar height as Horizon's Gravity Lift tactical ability.

The abilities were <a href="">leaked </a>back in March along with those of several other unreleased legends
The abilities were leaked back in March along with those of several other unreleased legends

Catalyst is the first transgender character in Apex Legends

Additionally, Catalyst is the first transgender Legend in Apex Legends. Adding more to the ever expanding roster of LGBTQ+ Legends that are in the game. She joins the side of Bloodhound, Valkyrie, Loba, Bangalore, Seer, Gibraltar and Fuse who are already a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Respawn also explained that they worked with transgender employees at Respawn to make sure they respectfully represent the character.

Boreas, Season 15's new battle ground

Also shown in the new Stories from the Outlands, we get a glimpse of Boreas. The new map has been teased a ton with a combination of leaks and in game teasers. So far, here is all the info that's been teased or shown about Boreas. First is that Boreas is Seer's and now Catalyst's home planet, which is located in Syndicate territory.

The "Encore" Arenas map is located on Boreas and has some teases for the upcoming map on it. At one point, a meteor hit Boreas' moon which severely damaged Boreas as there would be constant meteor showers, so there are heavy safety precautions in place.

We get to see this first hand in the Stories from the Outlands. There are a combination of curfews and strict rules in place to make sure the citizens are safe. However, Hammond Labs have also established a base there on Boreas to mine resources from the moon. This plays into the leaked Season 15 map, where there are some Hammond Labs based structures placed throughout the map. This is similar to Harvester and Countdown on World's Edge. You can read more about what the community knows of Boreas on the Apex wiki.

With the in game teaser coming on Wednesday, Apex players will be sure to get more information on Season 15 of Apex Legends. Especially as Season 14 is coming towards an end, teaser season begins again for Apex. For more Apex content, stick around on!