Apex’s newest event is here! The Raiders collection event is bringing some great changes, join us as we look into the upcoming changes!

Apex's Christmas celebrations have returned in full swing this year with the new Pirate themed Raiders collection event. December 7th is going to bring tons of plunder to the outlands with a LTM, a patch and skins. Additionally, the much loved LTM Winter express returns much to the community's joy. In this 2 part series covering the Raiders event, this portion is going to cover the patch notes that are coming with the update. So stay tuned to find out more about the collection event items!

Raiders Event patch notes

Balance changes: Seer, Arc stars and Splatter rounds

There are only a couple small but important changes to the Apex games in the Raiders patch notes. The Arc Star is arguably the biggest change in the patch as it got a nerf. The Arc Star got a damage reduction and a proximity based falloff rather than just ending your career. The stick damage was reduced to 10 and the max stick damage at 40 instead of 90. The proximity based falloff just means that the closer you are to the detonation of the arc star, the longer the slow will be. This is the result of if you do get stuck, you are almost 100% getting knocked or pushed right after, so hopefully with these changes you have higher chances of surviving.

Seer got a small buff after the massive (but well needed) nerf that came after his release. The detonation of his tactical has been slightly reduced to 1.4 seconds (from 1.6). Meaning that there is less delay from the moment you press the tactical to the actual effect going off. Hopefully this evens the playing field with the rest of the recon legends as Crypto has been gaining popularity.

The last of the balance changes is to the Splatter rounds. Big Maude has been a popular spot for getting stacked early with stronger weapons with increased magazines. So, in the Raiders update, the increased mag benefit of the splatter rounds have been removed. However you will still be able to paint your enemies with vibrant colors, but just without the couple extra shots.

Bug fixes

The Raiders update has a lot of bug fixes to its name. The main fixes are in relation to Wattson as the event is based on the legend and her new heirloom. Fixes were mainly for her fences when it comes to their placement and interactions. Additionally, Ash got a fix so that she doesn't bleed when she gets shot (because she's a robot). So now she's in league with Pathfinder and Revenant.

Quality of life changes in new Raiders event

There is only one quality of life change in the Raiders update, but man its a great one. We get our own color options for reticles! Found under gameplay settings, you can now customize the reticle color with sliders or manually enter a RBG color.

And those are the upcoming changes in the Raiders collection event! Are you a fan of the changes? How are you guys liking Storm Point? Let us know on Twitter and stay tuned on Esports.gg for more Apex content!