Respawn finally released the much anticipated Seer nerf. Come join us as we break down the changes in Apex 1.78 patch.

Earlier today, Respawn finally gave us the anticipated Seer nerf as part of the Apex 1.78 patch. The main issue was that Seer's tactical ability did too much. It would damage you, track you, disorientate you, and interrupt any channeled action. Which in comparison to other legends is unbalanced. However, Respawn published Apex 1.78 patch, a minor update that attempts to balance out Seer with the other legends.

The goal of Apex 1.78 patch, as John "JayBiebs" Larson explains on a thread, is that Seer gets too much with his kit. His passive alone let him gain tons of information at a minimal cost. Players would "hit 360 quick-scans as they moved around, knowing exactly how many players were nearby". This combined with "how easy it (the tactical) is to hit with the ult/passive synergy, and the fact that common use case is when someone is moving slowly/stopped while healing/reviving". There is a lot more to the thread, and JayBiebs explains more on Seer, Bloodhound, and the "Wallhack meta" that has taken over Apex.

Seer Changes in Apex 1.78 patch

But, back to the update, Seer received nerfs to his entire kit. The passive now has increased wait time between sensor spikes, a reduced range, and a reduced field of view. This hopefully tackles what JayBeibs mentions, that Seers can quickly 360 and get an understanding of all nearby enemies.

Seer's Tactical got some big changes in the Apex 1.78 patch. With an increased delay of the detonation, it also longer damages and flashes people hit by the skill shot. Additionally, there is a movement slow when holding the tactical. These changes will definitely make Seer more bearable in matches, as the changes target the parts of Seer that the Apex community has with the Legend while still maintaining his identity.

The last change is to his ultimate, which simply now has a longer cooldown. From 90 seconds to 120 seconds, making it on par with Fuse's Motherload and Rampart's Shiela abilities.

All these changes seem great, and will ideally balance out Seer. As the newest Legend in the game, it makes total sense that on launch, he is a little on the broken side. But thanks to the great team at Respawn, we come ever closer to a balanced game thanks to Apex 1.78 patch. Also, if you missed it, they also fixed the Prowler and the L-Star.