A wholesome move by Apex Legends developers honors Anya, Horizon Voice Actor Elle Newland’s recently passed cat

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends have a wholesome reputation with their employees. Some of the nicest moments are well documented by the employees sharing them on social media. The team of voice actors and motion capture artists have also become great friends with each other. And most recently, the Apex Legends developers released a Horizon skin in memory of Anya, the Horizon voice actor’s late cat.

In loving memory of Anya the cat

Elle Newlands, tweeted about an adorable gesture by the developers on August 15th. The Season 14 battle pass provides a Horizon skin called “Anya’s Armor”. As it turns out, this skin honors Anya, Elle Newland’s twenty-year-old cat, who recently passed away from old age. Newlands also shared a picture of her cat and the tweet has gone viral among the Apex Legends player base.

Players can get the skin from the Season 14 Battle Pass

Anya’s Armor is an Epic skin that players can acquire through the Season 14 Battle Pass

The skin is a Season 14 Battle Pass reward. Players who purchase the premium battle pass for 950 coins will receive the skin, titled Anya’s Armor. It is an Epic Tier skin that features a beige-khaki color scheme with some subtle animations.

The Battle Pass is essentially a one-time investment that can easily renew each season. It costs 950 Apex Coins and players that grind through to level 100 will receive enough Apex Coins to buy the next one.

Respawn Entertainment is known for such gestures and healthy work culture

Respawn Entertainment has a famously healthy work culture. Wholesome stories like this are commonplace in the studio. One of the developers tweeted about how the studio delayed the game’s release so that he could finalize his daughter’s adoption.

The studio is also outspoken on its refusal to indulge in developer crunch. The Apex Legends director, Chad Grenier hosted an AMA on Reddit where he addressed the issue. This was during the launch of Season 7 when Horizon joined the game. Most players questioned Grenier on the lack of content and slow releases. Grenier responded by acknowledging that the studio could release content faster if it put the developers through 15-hour crunch days but refuses to do so.

There’s plenty to appreciate about a developer building and encouraging such a healthy work culture. Such a gesture immortalizes Anya. There are a lot of players with cherished pets of their own who see the love in such an adorable gesture. Anya’s memories will live on through Horizon, an adorable time-traveling mother.

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