Apex Legends Season 14 brings tons of new weapon changes with laser sights and shotgun stocks cover image

Apex Legends Season 14 brings tons of new weapon changes with laser sights and shotgun stocks

The Patch notes for season 14 have finally dropped! Join us as we break down the various weapon and loot changes coming in the new season.

The patch notes for Season 14 of Apex Legends have finally arrived! With the new season, there are a bunch new changes to Legends, level cap, ranked gameplay and more! But, perhaps most importantly, there are tons of weapon changes coming to the new season from laser sights, to shotguns taking stocks, to a new crafting rotation and more! So, lets break down the loot changes in Season 14.

Season 14 brings a new attachment: Laser Sights

Yeah you heard right, laser sights. The new attachment works for SMGs and Pistols and reduces hip fire spread. This means that one clipping becomes a lot easier with higher level laser sights. Although we currently don't know the exact percentages of how much reduction the laser sight applies, the laser sight will be invaluable. You can only imagine the devastating wingman that becomes easier to use with a laser sight.

The Laser sight on Vantage's Sniper
The Laser sight on Vantage's Sniper

The Return of the Volt

Alongside the new attachment, the G7 and Volt both return to ground loot. The fan favorite energy SMG was was quite popular before its move to the care package. Now, with it back on ground loot, it'll be interesting to see the competition between the Volt and the C.A.R. SMG. With the move, both the Volt and G7 have been bumped down by two damage each (Volt is at 15, G7 at 34).

The return of the Volt in Season14
The return of the Volt in Season14

In their place, the Bocek and Rampage both enter the care package and have received some buffs alongside it. The Bocek now does 70 damage at full draw, has increased draw speed with tempo and has a slightly higher shattercap pellet damage. While on the other hand, the Rampage gets a small damage buff and now comes with a thermite grenade in the package with it.

The return of Skullpiercer and double tap tripper

You heard right, the Skullpiercer returns alongside the double tap trigger in the Season 14. To be fair, it makes sense with the return of Skulltown and Kings Canyon in the new season. Skullpiercer rifling returns to its former glory by increasing headshot damage by 35% for the Longbow, Wingman and 30-30 Repeater. On the other hand, the Double trap returns to both the G7 and EVA 8 with no changes.

Crafting Rotation in Season 14

With the Volt returning to ground loot, its competition the C.A.R. SMG also makes a return to ground loot. With the new season, the C.A.R. and Wingman are leaving the crafter, while the Devotion and RE45 enter the crafter. Additionally, the RE45 also comes with Hammerpoint round so no need to hold onto hammerpoints just to find a crafter or vice versa. The same can't be said about the Devotion, as it does not come with a Turbocharger, so you'll have to hold onto one before you craft it.

Kitted Weapons in the new season

As per the newer seasons, there are a new set of five different kitted weapons that will be in rotation. The Bocek, EVA 8, Spitfire, P2020 and Flatline are all out of the rotation. While in Season 14, the Longbow, G7 Scout, Mozambique, R-99, Hemlok are all available as kitted weapons.

An older version of the Gold Longbow, but the attachments still apply
An older version of the Gold Longbow, but the attachments still apply

Specific Weapon Changes in season 14

In the new season of Apex, there haven't been huge overall weapon category changes like in previous seasons. In the patch notes, there are tons of specific weapon changes and we'll go through the most notable ones below:


The L-Star is one of the least popular guns out there. Even with the huge change a couple seasons ago to give it additional attachments. Again now, the L-Star is being buffed with a higher ammo count and increased projectile speed. Hopefully these changes bring the L-Star to a playable state, and not just a last resort weapon.


The EVA 8 hasn't found that sweet spot of balance. Where in previous seasons when the Peacekeeper was in the package it was the best choice to now, where its barely been seen. However in the new season its being buffed with recoil improvements, fires eight pellets (to match the name), increased fire rate and damage and can now take a stock. These changes will (hopefully) bring the EVA-8 back on a even playing ground with the other shotguns.

The Sniper Wingman

This change has the community in quite the state of interest and confusion. The wingman now uses sniper ammo as well as Sniper magazines. Thankfully, the Wingman won't be able to take sniper stocks or sights, but the change is definitley unique. With the change, sniper ammo in the inventory will also be increased to 28 rather than 24, while stacks of sniper ammo from ground loot will be at 14 rounds rather than 12.

30-30 Repeater

The 30-30 repeater is expected to be surprisingly good this season as a long range powerhouse. With dual shell now being automatically incorporated into the Repeater as well as the fact that it can now take the Skullpiercer hop up. So now, the 30-30 will be able to dish out a lot of damage, so beware.

Gold Equipment Changes

The last big change in terms of the loot in Season 14 is the changes to the gold equipment. Both the Gold Bag and Gold Knockdown Shield have been changed and for the better. The Gold backpack now has a new perk called "Deep Pockets", in which you can stack large medical supplies higher in your inventory. Medkits and Batteries can stack up to three times and Phoenix Kits up to two. While the previous Guardian Angel perk of the Gold Backpack is now a part of the Gold Knockdown Shield (and the self revive has been removed).

A view of all 3 gold loot items
A view of all 3 gold loot items

And those are the major changes for the new Season 14 of Apex! We didn't touch on every weapon change coming in the new season, but you can check the full patch notes here. For more Apex content, stick around on Esports.gg!