A new cinematic trailer for Season 14 of Apex Legends dropped. Join us as we break down the trailer and see what season 14 has to offer!

As Season 14 fast approaches, trailers and new information regarding the new season are being released. Earlier today the launch trailer for Season 14 was released and showed a revamped Kings Canyon, plus a glimpse into Vantage’s abilities.

A new Kings Canyon

The major selling point of the trailer and what is getting the community hyped up for Season 14 is the changes to Kings Canyon.

Skulltown is back! Although the new Skulltown seems smaller and has a few design changes, it seems like it will provide the close quarters battleground that Skulltown is known for.

The return of Skulltown in Season 14 of Apex Legends
The return of Skulltown in Season 14

On top of that, other changes have been leaked surrounding the new reforged Kings Canyon. Most of the changes are based around the center of the map to open up some areas. The notable changes to Kings Canyon include:

  • Cage’s upper levels will be removed
  • Hillside Outpost will be removed
  • Various changes to Caves, with sections caved in
New map changes coming to Kings Canyon in Season 14
New map changes coming to Kings Canyon

The leak is down below, however these are only the known changes. Respawn could always have more changes to Kings up their sleeve.

Vantage and her abilities

As we know from the leak and the Stories from the Outlands, we know that Vantage is a legend that excels at using her custom rifle to deal massive amounts of damage and gain intel on legends while aiming.

However, in addition to her ultimate and passive abilities, Vantage also has a movement ability in her tactical. With this, she can move to the position of her animal companion Echo. However we don’t know if she will receive any kind of momentum alongside the ability. We can get clear shots of her abilities in action during the trailer.

Although the trailer does focus on the new Kings Canyon, it also serves to show a bit of Vantage’s story in Season 14 and her motivation to join the Apex games. However, the real treat is the changes and return of the original map of Apex Legends and the community couldn’t be more excited. You can watch the trailer here.

And that’s all we know so far for Season 14 of Apex Legends! More information will be out soon enough as the season is right around the corner. For more Apex content, stick around on Esports.gg!

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