Stories from the Outlands introduces newest legend Vantage and Season 14 – Hunted cover image

Stories from the Outlands introduces newest legend Vantage and Season 14 – Hunted

The newest legend Vantage has been introduced in Stories from the Outlands: Survive. Join us as we break down the trailer and what’s to come

Season 13 of Apex Legends is coming to a close with only a week or two left. So, its only natural that Respawn graces the player base with trailers and teases for the next season. In the latest Stories from the Outlands we have quite the introduction for the newest legend as well as the name for Season 14. The upcoming season of Apex Legends is called "Hunted" and features the new legend Vantage.

Apex Legends Vantage leak

With the massive leak of the next 9 legends, we knew that Vantage was one of the upcoming Legends. In accordance with the leak and the trailer, Vantage excels with sniping. Her passive allows her to receive information on while aiming down sights (Legend name, Shield rarity, range). Her tactical seems to be a grapple of some sort by the wording of the leak, which reads "Launch towards your winged companion, Echo. Order Echo by TAPPING "Q". Launch to Echo by holding "Q". Then lastly, her ultimate allows her to bring out a custom rifle that marks enemies and increases damage dealt to them by Vantage and her squad. Although the abilities are not confirmed, there will be a lot of similarities between the leak and the actual legend.

Breaking down the Stories from the Outlands

The Stories from the Outlands tend to be more on the lore and world building side rather than gameplay focused. However, there typically are some hints to the Legend and their abilities. With the recent trailer, we can see the introduction of "Echo" who is Vantage's companion as well as her custom rifle.

The story starts out with Vantage on the hunt for food to bring back for her and her mother. But, she discovers a buried cargo ship under the icy tundra hunting grounds. After being warned about the dangers of the world, Vantage returns to the ship to find out it was a Gaia detention ship. And after finding out her mother was an escaped convict from Gaia, Vantage must escape with her new friend Echo.

Unfortunately, she doesn't manage to escape unscathed and has her legs trapped under rubble. To the rescue comes Vantage's mother who rather than helping her out of the rubble gives her a prisoner distress beacon. This beacon ties into the distress signal tease that Apex tweeted out on the 23rd.

And that's when the stories from the Outlands leaves us as always: wanting more. However, we do have dates for the next major trailer for the new season. On the July 28th, we get the new launch trailer for Season 14 of Apex Legends - Hunted.

The Launch Trailer date for season 14 of Apex legends
The Launch Trailer date for season 14 of Apex legends

Are you excited for the new legend or the new season? Let us know and stay tuned on for more information and all things Apex Legends.