We reveal the three finalists for Best IGL NA as part of the Esports.gg Apex Legends Awards; TSM’s ImperialHal, Cloud9’s Zach and NRG’s sweetdreams.

Straight after revealing the finalists for Best Slayer in North America, we now turn our attention to the best IGLs in the region. North America has a host of prolific and outspoken captains. To determine these finalists we consulted our panel of expert judges, which was a mix of ALGS broadcast talent, professional players and community figures.

Our 3 Finalists for Best IGL NA

Zach “Zach” Mazer

“Undeniably the breakout star of ALGS this far, Zach has risen to the top in remarkable ways.”


Current Team: Cloud9
Twitter / Twitch

The charismatic Zach “Zach” Mazer climbed the ranks of NA Apex as the ALGS Year 1 progressed to become one of the region’s biggest in-game leaders. In the latter stages of the season he was recruited to lead Cloud9, and Zach took the organisation all the way to 2nd place at the ALGS Championship. Outside of competition, Zach is a rising streamer and a content creator, one half of the duo that are behind the Apex Uncut podcast.

“Undeniably the breakout star of ALGS this far, Zach has risen to the top in remarkable ways. After starting his career alongside Lou and Monsoon on FlyQuest, Zach flew right under the radar until finding pure slayers in Knoqd and StayNaughty.

Similar to NRG, Zach was able to assume the role of primary IGL with two, great fraggers, bringing his experience & leadership to the young controller Gods and rising up the ALGS ranks before eventually getting signed by C9. His experience, leadership, game knowledge and shotcalling abilities netted C9 an ALGS tournament and remarkable top 3 ALGS Championship performance.”

ALGS Host and Caster Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos on Zach

Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen

“An undisputed GOAT in the making”


Current Team: TSM
Twitter Twitch

On top of being a contender for Best Slayer in NA, Apex Legends’ biggest competitive streamer Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen is one of the 3 finalists for Best IGL. Hal makes decision making seem effortless while simultaneously racking up kills. In ALGS Year 1 he topped the table for ALGS Points with 12,730, with his team placing 3rd place at the ALGS Championship and the ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs. ImperialHal remains the most successful Apex player of all time earning $158,808 through competition over the last 3 years.

“The only player in the NA category to be in both the Slayers and IGL Top 3 Finalists list, and rightfully so. Hal is arguably the best player in Apex Legends, but what makes him so great is not just his mechanical gifts and prowess, but his knowledge of the game, how to win, and his remarkable spur-of-the-moment shotcalling. Pound for pound, Hal IMO is the best mid-game, mid-crisis shotcaller in Apex.

Hal’s ability to direct the troops, communicate with meticulous precision, and make the RIGHT decision is bar none some of the best in the game. The proof is in the pudding – he is the most successful player and IGL in Apex Legends history, and has won tournaments with any team combination, stemming from Lululuvely’s Throwdown to Twitch Rivals with Guhrl & Daltoosh. Combine that with his insane mechanics, playmaking ability, and slaying output, and you have an undisputed GOAT in the making.”

ALGS Host and Caster Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos on ImperialHal

Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton

“Sweetdreams was on top of both the overall damage and Kills categories for the ALGS Championship, while maintaining his position as one of the best IGL’s in North America. Insanity.”


Current Team: NRG
Twitter / Twitch

The leader of the #SaveApexRanked hashtag, a giant community figure and one of the best players in North America, Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton’s inclusion in the finalists comes as no surprise.

Arguably the most underrated IGL heading into Winter Circuit 2020, it’s hard to imagine that there was ever a period where ANYONE questioned NRG’s decision to replace IGL Frexs with (previously) Rogue’s Sweetdreams. Since that point, Sweet has cemented himself as a top IGL in the world.

What makes him so special is a two variable equation: 1) His role as the sole IGL on NRG, and the incredibly interesting dynamic of Sweet calling every shot in-game, while NRG’s two freak-like slayers (Nafen and Rocker) simply listen, aim, shoot, and don’t miss. 2) Despite this dynamic, Sweet still manages to put up monster numbers as a top slayer / Fragger in NA. Sweetdreams was on top of both the overall damage and Kills categories for the ALGS Championship, while maintaining his position as one of the best IGL’s in North America. Insanity.

ALGS Host and Caster Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos on Sweetdreams

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