The Apex Awards are here! We are here to break down the nominations for North America’s IGL! Come take a look at the 10 incredible nominees.

The Apex Awards are right around the corner! Today we are looking at NA's best In-Game Leader, or IGL. This category is to pay homage to the skilled team leaders in the professional Apex community. The judges were asked to rank their top IGLs in their region based on shot calling, leadership skills, call outs and ability to facilitate team cohesion.

Cole "Rkn" Prommel

Current Team: Alpine Esports
Twitter / Twitch

Our first nominee for NA's best IGL is Rkn. The American player for Alpine Esports has been been on an insane grind since the early days in Apex. He has played in a variety of tournaments, from the ALGS championships to Twitch Rivals. Although he hasn't caught his big break in a top tier tournament, he's still put in the work and earned 10,895 ALGS points over the past year.

Chris "sweetdreams" Sexton

Current Team: NRG
Twitter / Twitch

In addition to his nomination in the Apex Awards for NA's best Slayer, Sweetdreams makes his return in the category for best IGL. The cool, calm and collected Sweetdreams has helped NRG soar to the top as one of the best teams in competitive Apex. Earning 12,965 ALGS points over the past season, and over his career he has had nine top 3 finishes.

Mac "Albralelie" Beckwith

Current Team: Cloud 9 (Stand in)
Twitter / Twitch

This past ALGS season Albralelie stood in on Team Liquid and amazed everyone with his skill. He made a name for himself in the early days of Apex, as a pillar of the TSM Apex squad. He has played on some of the best teams such as TSM, Liquid and currently on Cloud 9. His versatility in different teams and 4 back to back wins in 2019 make him a force to be reckoned with. With the success over ALGS Year 1 he has earned 12,210 ALGS points and is currently standing in for Cloud 9, playing alongside the likes of Zach and StayNaughty.

Zach "Zach" Mazer

Current Team: Cloud 9
Twitter / Twitch

Cloud 9's Zach is also a nominee in the Apex Awards for NA's best Slayer. The American player has made quite a name for himself over the past year, performing above expectations in top tier tournaments. Additionally, in the ALGS 2021 championships, Zach earned the title of the Apex Predator, as he was the player with the most eliminations during the tournament. Zach Mazer's ability to frag as well as lead his team will give the other nominees a good run for their money.

Ryan "ImMadness" Schlieve

Current Team: N/A
Twitter / Twitch

CLG has been in Apex since the beginning, and by extension, so has ImMadness. He's stuck with CLG since their debut in Apex, and thanks to ImMadness CLG is a household name in competitive Apex. ImMadness won the ALGS 2021 Winter Circuit #2 and the ALGS Summer Playoffs. Unfortunately, CLG recently parted ways with ImMadness even though he has achieved major success, earning around 11,010 ALGS points in ALGS Year 1.

Joseph "Frexs" Sanchez

Current Team: Spacestation Gaming
Twitter / Twitch

When Frexs left NRG it was sad to see such a talented player leave a good team. But he made a huge comeback this year. Blowing everyone away with his new squad called MouseAndKeyboard during the ALGS Winter Circuit. The team then got signed by Spacestation Gaming and they are continuing to show their dominance in competitive Apex. Frexs earned a total of 13,100 ALGS points in ALGS Year 1, and has placed top 5 in the 2021 ALGS championships under his new banner.

Bowen "Monsoon" Fuller

Current Team: Complexity Gaming
Twitter / Twitch

Complexity is another household name in competitive Apex Legends. Their sheer dominance during 2020 was due to Monsoon and his squad. With Monsoon, compLexity placed top 10 in most major tournaments of 2020. Monsoon has earned 13,270 ALGS points over the past year and definitely deserves his spot in the top 10 nominees.

Brendan "Onmuu" Pode

Current Team: Kungarna NA
Twitter / Twitch

Coming into the NA ALGS Championships, almost nobody could of predicted that the newly formed Kungarna NA was going to take home the title. Onmuu and Kungarna have been an underdog story, as the newly signed team came out of nowhere to steal the title out of the hands of other Apex Titans. Onmuu has only earned 7,110 ALGS points, but that was enough to secure the win.

Tyler "Dezignful" Gardner

Current Team: G2 Esports
Twitter / Twitch

Over the past year, G2 Esports has become a titan of Apex. Although they placed poorly during the ALGS championships, the squad got 4 back to back wins earlier this year. Earning 13,015 AGLS points over the course of the year, Dezignful has led G2 to high placements and back to back wins. G2 wouldn't be nearly as fearsome if it weren't for Dezignful.

Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen

Current Team: TSM
Twitter / Twitch

Last but certainly not least is ImperialHal. He has been playing exclusively for TSM since their debut in Apex, and thanks to him TSM has become one of the biggest teams in the game. Since joining Apex Legends back in 2019, TSM has placed consistently high in tournaments, with ImperialHal the formidable leader. On top of being nominated for best IGL in NA, ImperialHal is also up for the Best Slayer in NA. This year ImperialHal is tied for the most ALGS points with his teammate, Reps.

Look out for our Finalists announcement on September 6th

There you have it, our 10 nominees for Best NA IGL based on the votes from our esteemed panel of judges; a mix of ALGS broadcast talent, players and managers.

We will be announcing the 3 finalists for the Best NA IGL award on September 6th and the winners on September 8th!

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