Strong performances from Furia through the ALGS Group stage meant they topped the standings as TSM are starting to find their stride. Alliance stumbled into the Loser’s bracket with inconsistent performances across 18 games.

The group stage of the 2022 ALGS Championship has concluded and we finally have a list of winners and losers of the tournament. At the end of it all, we saw some incredible performances from the most talented Apex Legends players in the world. These players proved why they're considered the cream of the crop. A few of the usual suspects turned tables and show up with some great performances for a redemption arc. A few teams will be disappointed with their showings and hope to bounce back. There will be plenty of action-packed Apex Legends matches to look forward to in the bracket stage.

Furia Esports tops group stage standings

Furia esports put in one of the strongest showings of the group stage with consistent performances and loads of kills. They played aggressively and showed up with several high-damage high-kill games. They pipped Thailand-based EXO clan for first place with a point tally of 176. It'll be interesting to see how they carry this momentum into the bracket stage.

Will TSM find their stride after a disappointing ALGS group stage?

TSM had a poor day one at the ALGS Championship but bounced back with strong performances on day 2
TSM had a poor day one at the ALGS Championship but bounced back with strong performances on day 2

All eyes were on TSM at the beginning of the championship. They were the team with the most fans in the stable and expectations were high. However, they had a bad day at the office on day one. They suffered early eliminations in the first two games and barely picked up on their form the rest of the day.

Eyebrows were raised when they tried a bold strategy by playing without Gibraltar and going for Mad Maggie instead. It didn't quite work out as they found themselves in sticky situations without the protection offered by Gibby's dome shield.

They picked up some form in round two, topping the BvsD standings and consistent top 3 finishes. It looked like everything was back in order for them and a dismal round one performance was an anomaly. Come round three, they dipped on form again. Not as much as in round one.

They won their opening game on day two and looked set to dominate the charts. All this, only for a string of disappointing games. They ended round three in 6th place in the AvsD standings. On to the winner's bracket where they'll hopefully find their stride. They're gaining momentum but so far, they've not been up to their usual high standards.

100 Thieves bounce back in style on Day 2

100 Thieves dominated the proceedings on day two
100 Thieves dominated the proceedings on day two

It looked like 100 Thieves were a no-show at the end of day one with disappointing outings in the first two rounds of the group stage. They ended the day with surprisingly low points tallies; 33 in round 1 and 38 in round 2. The lads REALLY stepped up their game on day 2 though, and absolutely dominated the proceedings in AvsD matches.

Two wins and two top 3 finishes meant they ended round 3 with an insane points tally of 78 at the end of round 3 propelled them up the overall standings into 5th place, jumping 11 spots in the table. An emphatic win in the final game of the group stage summed up their incredible performance on the day.

Alliance and FA Kitties stumble into loser's bracket

Alliance had their moments but in the end, they just weren't consistent enough
Alliance had their moments but in the end, they just weren't consistent enough

You'd be forgiven for betting on Alliance to make the winner's bracket at the end of the group stage. Sometimes, things just don't work out that way, though as they stumbled into the loser's bracket. They struggled to make an impact throughout the tournament. Alliance won game 4 of the third round but it was too little, too late as they struggled to find consistency with their performance. They end the group stage, 22nd in the standings, 13 points off the winner's bracket and on to the first round of the Loser's Bracket.

Another team that will be disappointed with their performance on day two will be FA Kitties. Featuring one of the game's most talented fraggers in Hardecki, they struggled and crawled through Round 3 of the ALGS group stage, managing a measly 11 points across 6 games. This weak showing meant they dropped 10 places in the overall standings, dropping into the Loser's Bracket.

Optic Gaming delivered the most hilarious moment in the tournament

This is a moment that deserves its own section. Optic Gaming, a team that delivered consistent performances across the first two rounds had the quintessential brain-fart moment in the tournament. The trio was driving around on a trident and HisWattson took it upon himself to wreak havoc upon them with his Havoc rifle. They were eliminated in 17th place in the second game of round 2, much to everyone's surprise and laughter. They didn't even get a chance to get off the trident.

Plenty more where that came from. On to the Bracket Stage

After an exciting end to an ALGS Championship where the status quo looks a bit shaken up, we move on to the Bracket Stage for more action. There will be plenty to look forward to and you can't rule out some of the heavy hitters like TSM, NRG, and DreamFire yet. You can catch the results on our live scoreboard or watch the event live on the official ALGS Twitch Channel.