Trying to figure out what Observation Data is in Zenless Zone Zero?

Have you been playing a lot of Zenless Zone Zero lately? If so, you may have noticed something in the game called Observation Data. This addition to the game is vital for those looking to increase their Inter-Knot Level. But what is Observation Date in Zenless Zone Zero? And how does one get it?

Zenless Zone Zero: What is Observation Data?

Observation Data is vital for those looking to increase their Inter-Knot Level in ZZZ. Observation Data is data needed for players to progress past certain points within the game.

As you move higher up in the ranks, more and more Observation Data will be required to progress. Those looking to increase their Inter-Knot Level will have to take the time to search for data. Without Observation Data, players will not be able to progress towards the next activity within the game.

So, how does a player find Observation Data in ZZZ?

Locating Observation Data

Finding Observation Data in Zenless Zone Zero is quite simple. The data can be found in Exploration Commissions in TV tiles, by completing bonus challenges in Combat Commissions and beating Mewmew challenges.

To access a Commission, use the Hollow Deep Dive System in the Random Play video store.

Collecting data through Exploration Commissions

Observation Data collected through Exploration Commissions can be done just simply by playing the main storyline. Throughout the game, players will find TV chests. Collect from these chests, filling up the icons in your TV sections.

Mewmew Challenges also obtain Exploration Observation Data, so keep your eye out when completing those challenges.

Combat Commissions

Observation Data in ZZZ can also be found in Combat Commissions. You are rewarded Observation Data each time you complete one of these commissions, knowing you will receive data every single time.

Combat Commissions will require players to fight, though. Be prepared to battle. The more you progress through the game, the stronger you will be, making these Combat Commissions much easier.

Mewmew Challenges

Mewmew Challenges are challenges given out by Officer Mewmew, a notorious police cat in Zenless Zone Zero. Every Mewmew Challenge completed awards players with Medals.

Within Mewmew Challenges, players can also locate Observation Data. Keep an eye out for TV chests when completing these missions, because that is where you will locate data. It is the same as collecting Observation Data through Exploration Commissions.

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