With Zenless Zone Zero available on more than one platform, players want to know if cross-progression is available.

Zenless Zone Zero is available on several different platforms. You can dive in on PC, mobile, and PlayStation 5. And the best part is that Zenless Zone Zero has cross-progression among all of those systems.

It is a simple process on how to get it to work, so let's go through it together.

Is there cross-progression in Zenless Zone Zero?

With very limited multiplayer capabilities, but cross-play enabled among your friends, cross-progression Zenless Zone Zero is a must. As we already mentioned, the game does have cross-progression where your save file transfers.

If you start your ZZZ journey on PlayStation 5 and need to head out of the house, guess what? You can continue the same adventure with all of your characters and items intact on your mobile device. The same works in reverse and with PC capabilities, too.

How to enable cross-progression in Zenless Zone Zero

The USER CENTER is where you can see all of your linked accounts (Screenshot via esports.gg)
The USER CENTER is where you can see all of your linked accounts (Screenshot via esports.gg)

If you find yourself hooked on ZZZ and want cross-progression to play on multiple platforms, it isn't difficult at all. You just need to sign in with the same HoYoverse account. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create or sign in with a HoYoverse account when you first load into Zenless Zone Zero
  2. Get through the game's tutorial stages
  3. Open the Options menu and go to Account
  4. Choose USER CENTER
  5. Link your username and/or mobile device if you'd like
  6. Open ZZZ on PlayStation 5 and sign in with your account to link it to the console

The important thing to note is that signing in on PC or mobile with your account is the easiest method. For those on PlayStation 5 that want to ensure cross-progression for Zenless Zone Zero, you have to link the accounts from the game on PS5. You can't link your PSN while on mobile or PC.

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