Can you explore New Eridu with friends? Here’s the answer to if Zenless Zone Zero is multiplayer or not.

MiHoYo's next big hit, Zenless Zone Zero, has swept many gacha fans off their feet with a unique action-RPG in the rigorous town of New Eridu. Although not technically open-world, there are tons of places to visit and Ethereals to battle in the Hollows - which makes you wonder, can you play Zenless Zone Zero with friends? Is Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer? We have the answers for you below.

Is Zenless Zone Zero multiplayer?

The answer is, yes - but in very limited capacities. The only multiplayer element in Zenless Zone Zero can be seen in the Arcade mode. You can go to Arcade [in God's Store in front of Waterfall Soup] and play many mini-games with your friends. There will be a supposedly global ranking for each Arcade game which can amp up the competition between you and your friends.

There are multiplayer features in the Arcade Mode.
There are multiplayer features in the Arcade Mode.

However, outside of the Arcade, Zenless Zone Zero is not multiplayer. You cannot bring your friends along your Hollow journey and battle against Ethereals together. Zenless Zone Zero doesn't have the massive co-op feature like its very popular sister-title, Genshin Impact.

Will there be a multiplayer in the future?

As Zenless Zone Zero is still in its early launch phase, we can expect the developers to add more features in the future - and it may be a multiplayer feature. However, at the time of writing, miHoYo has not commented or hinted on any upcoming multiplayer additions. There are some floating rumors, but it seems that for now, miHoYo is comfortable with the state of a single-player Zenless Zone Zero.

We will update this article if more information regarding a multiplayer changes is out. Until then, stick around for more ZZZ news and updates! You can also find more guides below: