The Daily Check-In event begins in Zenless Zone Zero! Here’s everything you need to know about the lucrative event.

MiHoYo brings its popular Daily Check-In Event to Zenless Zone Zero, offering tons of in-game rewards for players to grab. Here's a guide on how to participate in the Daily Check-In Event and a complete list of all offered rewards!

Zenless Zone Zero Daily-Check In Event: How to Participate

To access the Daily-Check In Event, go to this link - which will lead you to the HoyoLAB site. Note that this event is not available in the ZZZ game itself and can only be accessed via this link or the HoYoLAB Application.

Then, you need to log into your Hoyoverse account or link your HoYoLAB account to start collecting rewards. Completing this step earns you x30 Polychromes by default!

Once you're logged in, it will immediately detect your presence as a check-in, earning you the day's specific reward. You can claim the reward through the in-game Mail in Zenless Zone Zero.

New players, which is for sure most of us, will also receive extra rewards in the first three days of check-in. Each day will earn you x40/x30/x30 Polychromes, the main draw currency that will allow you more banner pulls.

All Rewards from the Daily Check-In Event

The ZZZ Daily Check-In Event offers you daily rewards for the next 31 days. Here is a list of all rewards offered in the ZZZ Daily Check-In Event.

  • D1: x2 Official Investigator Log x2
  • D2: x3 W-Engine Power Supply
  • D3: x3,000 Dennies
  • D4: x2 Crystallized Plating Agent
  • D5: x20 Polychrome
  • D6: x2 Official Investigator Log x2
  • D7: x3 W-Engine Power Supply
  • D8: x1 Bangboo Algorithm Module
  • D9: x2 Official Investigator Module
  • D10: x3 W-Engine Power Supply
  • D11: x3,000 Dennies
  • D12: x2 Crystallized Plating Agent
  • D13: x20 Polychrome
  • D14: x2 Official Investigator Log
  • D15: x3 W-Engine Power Supply
  • D16: x1 Bangboo Algorithm Module
  • D17: x2 Crystallized Plating Agent
  • D18: x3 W-Engine Power Supply
  • D19: x3,000 Dennies
  • D20: x20 Polychrome
  • D21: x2 Crystallized Plating Agent
  • D22: x2 Official Investigator Log
  • D23: x3 W-Engine Power Supply
  • D24: x1 Bangboo Algorithm Module
  • D25: x2 Senior Investigator Log
  • D26: x3 W-Engine Energy Module
  • D27: x5,000 Dennies
  • D28: x2 Ether Plating Agent
  • D29: x3,000 Dennies
  • D30: x3,000 Dennies
  • D31: x3,000 Dennies

What happens if you miss a Daily Check-In?

If you happen to forget or didn't get to claim a daily reward, you can use a Check-In Card to claim the missed days. A Check-In Card can be obtained by completing missions in game. These can be missions such as "Go to the Cafe and join in discussions".

To check your missions, click on "Make-Up Now" > "Go".

Does the Daily Check-In Event expire?

ZZZ's Daily Check-In Event spans the entire month. After the 31-day duration ends, the event refreshes at 12:00 AM on the first day of each month - this in China's Timezone which is UTC+8. [6:00 PM CET / 12:00 PM ET]. Click here to see a countdown of the reset time.

After the event refreshes, a new set of rewards will appear. This reset will also refresh your check-in progress. You will not be able to claim the previous rewards that you missed once the month is over. So make sure to regularly check-in and use Check-In Cards to recover your progress.

On top of the Daily Check-In Event, there are also tons of other ways you can claim free rewards in Zenless Zone Zero. You can grab redemption codes, join web events, and complete Social Media Events. We have more Zenless Zone Zero news and updates on our site, so keep your eyes peeled on!