You can get tons of free Zenless Zone Zero rewards by participating in multiple social media events.

MiHoYo has been generously giving out rewards to celebrate the launch of Zenless Zone Zero. The new RPG game takes you to New Eridu, where you will form squads of Agents to battle in Hollow Zero. Aside from redeem codes and web events, you can also collect free Zenless Zone Zero rewards via Social Media Events. More details below!

Zenless Zone Zero Social Media Platform Special Events. (Image via miHoYo)
Zenless Zone Zero Social Media Platform Special Events. (Image via miHoYo)

TikTok: #ZENLESS0704 Special Event

How to participate: Go to TikTok and make sure you are logged into your account. Post a video with the hashtag #ZENLESS0704 to share the release of the new game. You can then claim the rewards and decorate your TikTok profile with an exclusive ZZZ Avatar Frame.

Note that the TikTok event rewards is only available in the following countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines.


  • Polychrome Bundle
  • Gift Card
  • Exclusive ZZZ TikTok Avatar Frame

Discord: Official Release Livestream Event

How to participate: Starting July 8, you can join the Discord Quest via Zenless Zone Zero's official Discord. All you need to do is livestream Zenless Zone Zero for at least 15 minutes! All who completes this step can claim an exclusive in-game bundle. But only the first 300,000 will be able to grab free x30 Polychromes.


  • In-game Bundle
  • x30 Polychromes (limited to the first 300,000)

X (formerly Twitter): Golden Bangboo, I Got You!

How to participate: Look up for the #catchaboo event on Zenless Zone Zero's official x account or click on this link. This mini game will play out a clip and at exactly 7.4 seconds you need to 'Capture' a Golden Bangboo. The trick is that there is no timer so you'll have to make the guess yourself.

The total Golden Bangboo captured by all users will stack. Once it reaches 100,000, miHoYo will drop redemption codes for everyone! On top of that, they will also choose 100 lucky users to get an exclusive Bangboo rug.


  • Redemption Code drop: Polychrome x20
  • Bangboo Rug for 100 random users

Event Duration: July 4 - July 10,2024

Twitch: Claim Zenless Zone Zero Twitch Drops

How to participate: Using your Twitch account, spectate at least 15 minutes of a Zenless Zone Zero livestream to earn Twitch Drops. The longer you watch ZZZ content on Twitch, the more Twitch Drops you can get! This is only applicable to Twitch channels that have enabled their Twitch Drops function. You also need to link your Twitch account to Zenless Zone Zero to claim the free rewards.


  • 15 minutes of watch time: x12,000 Dennies
  • 30 minutes of watch time: x2 Senior Investigator Log
  • 45 minutes of watch time: x3 W-Engine Energy Module
  • 60 minutes of watch time: x2 Bangboo System Widget
  • 120 minutes of watch time: x50 Polychrome

Event Duration: July 4 - July 24, 2024

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