Achievement hunters rejoice! Zenless Zone Zero has arrived with a slew of new trophies to unlock!

Zenless Zone Zero has a variety of trophies that players can earn by exploring and engaging in battles within the game. Read on for the full list of PlayStation 5 Zenless Zone Zero trophies and the requirements for unlocking them!

Zenless Zone Zero screenshot featuring Anby Demara, Nicole Demara, and Billy Kid (Image via
Zenless Zone Zero screenshot featuring Anby Demara, Nicole Demara, and Billy Kid (Image via

How to unlock every Zenless Zone Zero trophy

Zenless Zone Zero Trophy
Welcome to New Eridu!Collect all of the other Zenless Zone Zero trophies.Platinum
Happy and Full! (Except for My Wallet)Enjoy a buffer with friends after dealing with Vision's explosive crisis.Gold
Call Out That NameAwaken the prototype's power and defeat the mysterious monster inside the monument.Gold
Extreme OperationEliminate every obstacle and save the airship.Gold
Encounters of the Third KindComplete "Withering Garden: Core" in Hollow Zero.Gold
Final Director's CutReach the hidden ending of "The Prophecy" commission.Silver
Detective New EriduCollect 200 Observation Data.Silver
Armed to the Teeth!Reach level 60 with an Agent.Silver
I Swear I Just Really Like 3D PuzzlesReach level 60 with a W-Engine.Silver
One Who Gazes Into the AbyssComplete any stage in Hollow Zero on Core difficulty.Silver
A Legend RebornComplete all Proxy Primers.Silver
Purrfect Partner!Reach maximum Trust with Inky.Silver
Land of Risk and RewardEnter a Hollow.Bronze
Hello, MasterSign an agreement with the Type III General-Purpose AI Equipped With Total Sequential Integration.Bronze
Fortune Favors the SkilledBoard Vision's explosive train.Bronze
A Real BeastMeet the president of Belobog Heavy Industries.Bronze
Concrete Romeo and Metal JulietWitness the touching love story between the boring machine and Mr. White.Bronze
An Absolute Real BroHave a competition between bros with the heavy-duty grappler.Bronze
Enlightened SinnerCatch the fleeing pile driver.Bronze
The Great Crisis on Sixth Street?Learn about the incident on Sixth Street.Bronze
There Is Only One TruthCatch the culprit who used the EMP to trigger a series of incidents.Bronze
Return to Rightful OwnerHelp the two Public Security officers retrieve the evidence.Bronze
A Professional Team at Your ServiceEstablish a cooperation with Victoria Housekeeping Co.Bronze
Generate Power With PowerRestore power to the Ballet Twins.Bronze
Melody of FateFind out the actual name of the monster from what remains of the recording.Bronze
Hollow DetectiveCollect 50 Observation Data.Bronze
Bangboo Hand-in-HandSave Little Beetroot in the "Bangboo Limbo" commission.Bronze
221B Sixth StreetCollect 100 Observation Data.Bronze
FamilyComplete Phaethon's story.Bronze
Playing MyselfComplete the Soldier 11 Agent story.Bronze
An Adept Student Requires a Brilliant TeacherComplete the Nekomata Agent story.Bronze
Iron WitchComplete the Grace Agent story.Bronze
Then, I Wish Us…Complete the Koleda Agent story.Bronze
Sweetcakes That Never ExpireComplete the Rina Agent story.Bronze
And You, My Friend, Are the Companion of JusticeComplete the Lycaon Agent story.Bronze
Rookie on the RoadReach level 20 with an Agent.Bronze
New Game+Reach level 40 with an Agent.Bronze
Toy Builder ExtraordinaireReach level 20 with a W-Engine.Bronze
Avid CollectorReach level 40 with a W-Engine.Bronze
Outsourced InvestigatorComplete "Old Capital Metro: Edge" in Hollow Zero.Bronze
Let's Get Down to "Business"See New Eridu.Bronze
Shoppa the ExplorerUnlock 5 stores in New Eridu.Bronze
A Great ManagerReach level 6 with the Random Play video store.Bronze
My House Is Pretty Big After AllUnlock the second floor of Random Play.Bronze
Zenless Zone Zero screenshot (Image via
Zenless Zone Zero screenshot (Image via

How to unlock the Zenless Zone Zero platinum trophy

Here are all of the different trophies that you can obtain in the game. The coveted platinum trophy, in particular, can only be unlocked by earning all of the other trophies. Therefore, if you're hunting for this achievement, waste no time — jump into the fray, explore new areas, and level up your Agents. Be sure to check out our dedicated guides on how to get the most out of your Zenless Zone Zero experience as well!

Wise and Belle in Zenless Zone Zero (Image via
Wise and Belle in Zenless Zone Zero (Image via

Zenless Zone Zero trophies list

  1. 221B Sixth Street
  2. A Great Manager
  3. A Legend Reborn
  4. A Professional Team at Your Service
  5. A Real Beast
  6. An Absolute Real Bro
  7. An Adept Student Requires a Brilliant Teacher
  8. And You, My Friend, Are the Companion of Justice
  9. Armed to the Teeth!
  10. Avid Collector
  11. Bangboo Hand-in-Hand
  12. Call Out That Name
  13. Concrete Romeo and Metal Juliet
  14. Detective New Eridu
  15. Enlightened Sinner
  16. Encounters of the Third Kind
  17. Extreme Operation
  18. Family
  19. Final Director's Cut
  20. Fortune Favors the Skilled
  21. Generate Power With Power
  22. Happy and Full! (Except for My Wallet)
  23. Hello, Master
  24. Hollow Detective
  25. I Swear I Just Really Like 3D Puzzles
  26. Iron Witch
  27. Let's Get Down to "Business"
  28. Melody of Fate
  29. My House Is Pretty Big After All
  30. New Game+
  31. One Who Gazes Into the Abyss
  32. Outsourced Investigator
  33. Playing Myself
  34. Return to Rightful Owner
  35. Rookie on the Road
  36. Shoppa the Explorer
  37. Sweetcakes That Never Expire
  38. Then, I Wish Us…
  39. The Great Crisis on Sixth Street?
  40. There Is Only One Truth
  41. Toy Builder Extraordinaire
  42. Welcome to New Eridu!

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