The best loadout for the MDR in XDefiant gives you the ability to play close and far, using it in a variety of situations.

The MDR is the first unlockable weapon in XDefiant, arriving in the Preseason Battle Pass as a free reward. It is considered an assault rifle/SMG hybrid that does wonders in tight engagements. Well, we've got the best MDR loadout for you in XDefiant that boosts its range and accuracy.

Let's go over all of the attachments, the rest of the loadout, and the Factions you should use.

The best loadout for the MDR in XDefiant

A final scoreboard while using the MDR loadout (Screenshot via
A final scoreboard while using the MDR loadout (Screenshot via

This loadout is one we've put to the test after trying out a handful of recommended loadouts from players all over the internet. We tweaked it to our liking, and it is hands down the top MDR loadout you can use in XDefiant.


(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

Five attachments are allowed for the MDR out of the seven available categories. We've found that leveling the weapon to just level 20 gives you the best loadout for it in XDefiant. At that point, you can assign it the following:

  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender
  • Barrel: Stabilizing
  • Optics: Holo
  • Rear Grip: Leather-Wrapped Grip
  • Stock: Padded

Since it is considered an AR/SMG hybrid weapon, you'll be able to take on close encounters with ease. With it labeled an assault rifle, you'll want to give it a chance at longer distances.

That's what this loadout does. Firepower and mobility are buffed, but the accuracy of the MDR receives a massive boost. This ensures you can take care of business at all ranges, assuming you can hit your shots.

Secondary weapon

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

The secondary weapon isn't a huge deal with this MDR loadout in XDefiant. So, we went with the 93R just to have some fun.

It is a burst pistol with a decent rate of fire. Unlike the other pistols, you'll need to pull the trigger a few times to finish off a kill. One burst is all you'll need if you've dealt a bit of damage before whipping it out.


(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

The Device is up to your preference with most loadouts in XDefiant. For this MDR setup, we choose the Sticky Grenade.

It allows for precision placement without bouncing around like the basic Frag Grenade does. Use it to deal quick damage or even snag a kill before you move in with the MDR.

Best Factions to use with this XDefiant MDR loadout

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image 2
image 3

It is very important to pair the best MDR loadout with a Faction that gives you an advantage in XDefiant. Go with one of these three to get the most value:

  • Cleaners: Incendiary Rounds go hard with the Cleaners Faction. It chips away at the opposition with fire damage. As well, the abilities set you up for success. If you're playing long range, you can use the Incinerator Drone to gain control. If you're in a pinch close up, drop a Firebomb to go out in a blaze.
  • Echelon: Many consider this the best Faction in XDefiant. Use it with the best MDR loadout to guarantee victory. Stay off the minimap with its Passive ability and ensure some free kills with the camo suit or the scanning intel suit to see through walls.
  • Libertad: No matter the game mode, you can never go wrong with healing. Libertad can constantly heal you and nearby allies with the Passive. Activated Abilities offer additional healing, and the Ultra basically makes you invincible for a short while as you unload on enemies with the MDR.

If you like the option to switch up playstyles without having to switch loadouts, this MDR class in XDefiant will be your favorite.

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