It’s time to, literally, level up your XDefiant game.

XDefiant is finally here, giving players an all-new arena-shooter experience from Ubisoft, combining a litany of references from the developer in the process. And while you may be struggling to find games right at launch, here's our guide to level up fast in XDefiant.

XDefiant's XCoins is the in-game currency used to unlock cosmetics and more (Image via Ubisoft)
XDefiant's XCoins is the in-game currency used to unlock cosmetics and more (Image via Ubisoft)

Level fast in XDefiant

The key to leveling fast in XDefiant comes primarily through the game's Challenge system, which gives players boosts to their XP by completing various benchmarks during gameplay. This ranges from tasks like winning 10 matches of Hot Shot or Zone Control for 100 XP each, all the way to competing in three matches in a row for 50 XP. A full list of the game's Challenges and their rewards can be found here.

The key to completing these challenges is competing in matches, which implies being able to get into a match in the first place. Developers are urging players to be patient and "bear with [them]" as problems getting matched into a game have continued since launch. However, these will likely be ironed out quickly and players will be able to begin their XP grind before too long.

Doing this will also help you to advance your battlepass and unlock some of the game's amazing cosmetics, including weapon skins, spendable currency (XCoins), and character skins for many of the game's playable characters.

For those looking for other carrots to chase in XDefiant, be sure to also check out our complete guide to all XDefiant achievements and trophies. We will also continue to provide any updates on how to level up fast in XDefiant, as well as any bugs, breaking news, and many more guides.

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