Complete these core challenges to earn some XP.

The launch of XDefiant means a bunch of challenges that players can complete for some XP. Read on for our quick guide that features all XDefiant challenges, how to complete them, and more!

XDefiant core challenges screenshot (Image via
XDefiant core challenges screenshot (Image via

All XDefiant challenges and rewards

Core Challenges
XP Reward
25 AR KillsGet 25 kills with assault rifles50
25 LMG KillsGet 25 kills with LMGs50
25 Marksman KillsGet 25 kills with marksman rifles50
25 Shotgun KillsGet 25 kills with shotguns50
25 SMG KillsGet 25 kills with SMGs50
25 Sniper Rifle KillsGet 25 kills with sniper rifles50
5 Secondary KillsGet 5 kills with secondary weapons50
AR 500 ClubGet 500 kills with assault rifles250
Bounty HunterWin 10 matches of Hot Shot100
ControllingWin 10 matches of Zone Control100
Cyber AttackerPlay as the DedSec faction250
DominatorWin 10 matches of Domination100
Flesh WoundsDeal 15k weapon damage50
Freedom FighterPlay as the Libertad faction50
Future SoldierPlay as the Phantoms faction50
GGs!Play three matches in a row50
Glorious VictoriesWin 100 matches250
Going All OutActivate ultras 10 times50
Grand TourComplete a match in 5 different game modes50
High-FivistSend or receive 20 high-fives50
HurtfulDeal 25k weapon damage100
MVPEarn player of the game100
Marksman 500 ClubGet 500 kills with marksman rifles250
MasterReach player level 100250
Occupied!Win 10 matches of Occupy100
Party PlayerComplete a match in a party50
Practice Makes PerfectVisit the practice zone50
Pyro TechnicianPlay as the Cleaners faction50
Rack 'Em UpScore 250k points100
Reigning MVPEarn player of the game 10 times250
Secondary SlayerGet 50 kills with secondary weapons250
Shotgun 500 ClubGet 500 kills with shotguns250
SkilledKill 10 enemies with abilities50
Skill KillerKill 50 enemies with abilities100
SMG 500 ClubGet 500 kills with SMGs250
Special DeliveryWin 10 matches of Escort100
StreakerAchieve a killstreak of 5 or higher50
Super SpyPlay as the Echelon faction50
Team 100kScore 100k points50
Team 500kScore 500k points250
Team PlayerGet 50 assists50
UnstoppableGo on a three-win streak100
WarhorseComplete 50 matches100
Weapon MasterLevel up a weapon to level 5050
WinnerWin 10 matches50

XDefiant core challenges

In XDefiant, core challenges can be found in the Ubisoft Connect launcher. The XDefiant section, in particular, also features limited-time challenges. These types of challenges will be available soon, according to Ubisoft.

XDefiant's limited-time challenges will arrive soon (Image via
XDefiant's limited-time challenges will arrive soon (Image via

That's all for now. Are you excited to jump into the fray that's XDefiant? Stick around on for more news and updates!