Try using S+ and S-rank heroes from the Honor of Kings Roamer tier list to secure easy wins this season.

Honor of Kings (HoK) has launched globally on June 20, bringing new experiences to mobile MOBA enjoyers. For those who are ready to push their rank immediately, especially Roamer players, here’s our HoK Roamer tier list in Season 6.

S+-rank Roamers

  • Dolia
  • Da Qiao
  • Zhang Fei

The first in Honor of Kings Roamer tier list are heroes with high impact in the laning phase, team fights, and presence around the map. Three of these heroes have different values, so choose what you need for your team.

If you want a classic healing hero, Dolia is the right choice for you. Her Skill 2 can make a water puddle that heals herself and teammates on it. Moreover, Dolia has a higher health and mana regeneration effect in water, including the river, which provides her with impressive sustainability.

Another value from Dolia is her game-changing Ultimate which can reset any of teammate’s Ultimates. This demands the player to have a better understanding of all heroes’ Ultimates in the game. One’s team is also advised to build a team around Dolia to maximize her potential.

Dolia from Honor of Kings (Image via
Dolia from Honor of Kings (Image via

Da Qiao is also a unique Roamer on her own, having four abilities rather than three. She has two hard crowd control (CC) effects on her Skill 1 and Skill 3. Although these don’t deal significant damage, they still do the purpose of annoying enemies. 

Her true value is her Skill 2, which can send a teammate to base. Additionally, her Ultimate can summon entire teammates to a nearby location. This makes her dominant in the laning phase, making enemies afraid to commit to a team fight.

Another hero is Zhang Fei, a typical tanking monster that is great as a frontliner. He can jump around with his Skill 2 while also giving a large amount of shield to his teammates. Unlike most heroes in the game, Zhang Fei doesn’t need Mana to cast abilities. As a replacement, he has a Fury bar that increases overtime and when he hits his abilities.

After collecting maximum Fury, he can use an Ultimate that transforms him into Ferali Form that gives him brief invincibility, shield, and increased movement speed while also damaging, knocking back, and stunning enemies.

S-rank Roamers

  • Donghuang
  • Ming
  • Liu Shan

Donghuang is one of the only two heroes in the game right now that can use Suppression skill, the highest type of hard CC that can’t be purified by any spell nor item. His Skill 2 is also no less important, as it can stun/slow enemies in a large area.

However, players need a certain playstyle to maximize Donghuang’s potential – by constantly invading enemies’ jungle and disturbing their Jungler’s growth – so this hero is not quite recommended for new players.

Donghuang from Honor of Kings (Image via
Donghuang from Honor of Kings (Image via

Ming, on the other hand, is considered a simple and newbie-friendly Roamer. He gives a lot of buffs to a selected teammate by linking his Skill 1 and Skill 2, including attack/defense, movement speed, and attack speed. Use the same skills to a selected enemy, and it will give debuffs instead. 

Liu Shan, is a tank Roamer similar to Zhang Fei, but with a different playstyle. His main selling point is his passive that enables him to deal damage to structures and disrupt them, making him a tanky split pusher like a Clash Laner. However, other than being a frontliner, he is quite lacking as a Roamer as he can’t buff or shield teammates like Zhang Fei.

A-rank Roamers

  • Cai Yan
  • Yaria
  • Sun Bin
  • Lian Po

The A-rank Honor of Kings Roamer tier list consists of newbie-friendly Roamers that are easy to use. Cai Yan and Yaria are classic babysitting supports that stick to their main damage dealer – usually the Farm Lane – so players usually don’t need to roam much.

Cai Yan is currently the best healer in the game with healing skills on her Skill 1 and Ultimate. She also has an annoying stun on her Skill 2 that can bounce between enemies. Her downside is she consumes a large amount of mana to spam her skills, so she needs to build a lot of mana items.

Lian Po from Honor of Kings (Image via
Lian Po from Honor of Kings (Image via

Meanwhile, Yaria has a unique Ultimate that can attach herself onto a teammate and become untargetable. She can use her abilities while being attached and give a huge amount of shield to her host. However, after the shield is exhausted, Yaria automatically detaches from her host, making her easy to kill.

Sun Bin is another easy Roamer, mostly relying on his Skill 2 that can give a rapid movement speed buff to all nearby allies. He can shoot a timebomb with his Skill 1, and his Ultimate has similar effects, but has larger area of effect (AoE) damage and has a silencing effect.

Lastly, Lian Po is another option for tank enjoyers. Similar to Zhang Fei, he doesn’t consume mana to cast abilities. As a replacement, he has a Battle Spirit bar that gives him damage reduction that increases during combat. He is considered as one of the tankiest of all the heroes in the game, having a shield effect on Skill 2 and a passive that makes him gain immunity while using his abilities.

B-rank Roamers

  • Guiguzi
  • Kui
  • Liang
  • Mozi

B-rank Roamers are hard CC monsters that are good for engaging. Some of the heroes have combos that are complicated to pull, especially Guiguzi’s Skill 1 and 2 and Kui’s Skill 1 and Ultimate combos. Their combos are also considered easy to predict in higher ranks. One miss, and you will be screwed.

Kui from Honor of Kings (Image via
Kui from Honor of Kings (Image via

Meanwhile, Mozi and Liang have short-ranged Ultimates that endanger themselves. Mozi’s Ultimate creates a CC zone that can stun all enemies within, but is easy to cancel by CC-ing Mozi. 

Liang, although he has a Suppression effect similar to Donghuang, is not as tough as Donghuang in terms of defense, making him an easy target while using his Ultimate. However, both Mozi and Liang can still rely on other skills with strong hard CC: Mozi on Skill 2 and Liang on Skill 1. 

C-rank Roamers

  • Xiang Yu
  • Dun
  • Zhuangzi

The last in Honor of Kings Roamer tier list consists of tank heroes that are inferior to those in the upper tier like Zhang Fei and Lian Po, mainly because they scale late and have little to no impact in the earlier stages of the game. They are also lacking in terms of healing, shielding, and buffing their teammates.

Zhuangzi from Honor of Kings (Image via
Zhuangzi from Honor of Kings (Image via

Xiang Yu and Dun are tanky and have a share amount of hard CC, but unlike Zhang Fei, they can’t heal, buff, or shield their teammates. 

On the other hand, Zhuangzi’s only good point is his AoE purify, but with a very long cooldown, he is pretty much useless when without it. His Skill 2 has a slow effect, but it has a very short range. Meanwhile, his Skill 1 deals insignificant damage.

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