Take a look on the list of playable Heroes in Honor of Kings (HoK), which positions and classes they belong to, and how to obtain them.

Honor of Kings, or commonly abbreviated as HoK, is a mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that is set to be launched globally on June 20, providing over 80 heroes with unique and exciting playstyles.

Currently, there are 89 playable characters (known as ‘Heroes’ in HoK) for five positions: Clash Lane, Mid Lane, Farm Lane, Jungling, and Roaming. 

Hero Types

In Honor of Kings, heroes are generally divided into the following classes:

  • Assassin
  • Fighter
  • Mage
  • Tank
  • Marksman
  • Support

We've put together a full list of all Heroes in HoK, sorted by their official registered classes. Some heroes which are more dynamic can fit into multiple classes.

All HoK Assassin Heroes

Lam, HoK assassin hero (Image via Level Infinite)
Lam, HoK assassin hero (Image via Level Infinite)

In HoK, assassin heroes combine high lethality and mobility to eliminate their enemy quickly, and sometimes stealthily. These heroes commonly fill the Jungling position, seeking for the right opportunity to eliminate their enemies.

Lam is currently the most popular (and probably the most hated) assassin in HoK, although, you won't see him often because he is almost permabanned across all ranks.

Being so slippery and lethal because of his Skill 2, he is near impossible to kite, leaving the opposite team's marksman in frustration. He is also considered an easy-to-play hero, with a simple kit that only consist of effectively using Skill 1 and Skill 2 to gain infinite dashes. If you like a more tanky assassin, we would recommend you to try semi-fighter like Wukong and Ying.

  1. Cirrus (also a ‘Fighter’)
  2. Diaochan (also a ‘Mage’)
  3. Han Xin
  4. Jing
  5. Lam
  6. Li Bai
  7. Mai Shiranui (also a ‘Mage’)
  8. Mulan (also a ‘Fighter’)
  9. Nakoruru
  10. Pei (also a ‘Fighter’)
  11. Prince of Lanling
  12. Shangguan (also a ‘Mage’)
  13. Shouyue (also a ‘Marksman’)
  14. Sima Yi (also a ‘Mage’) 
  15. Ukyo Tachibana (also a ‘Fighter’)
  16. Wukong (also a ‘Fighter’)
  17. Ying (also a ‘Fighter’)
  18. Zilong (also a ‘Fighter’)

All HoK Fighter Heroes

Mayene, HoK fighter hero (Image via Level Infinite)
Mayene, HoK fighter hero (Image via Level Infinite)

Fighter is a role that combines offensive and defensive, making them versatile to the team lineup. They are usually more balanced, or sometimes even weaker during the early game, but will shine during the late game.

Fighters, just like their name, are natural born duelists that excel in 1v1 situation. They are supported with sustain skillsets that allows them to fight as long as possible.

Fuzi, for example, has an Ultimate that locks down an enemy and forces them into a 1v1 situation, which plays into Fuzi's favor due his high attack speed and lifesteal.

How about taking on 1v2 or more, would a fighter still win? Semi-tank fighters, like Wuyan and Kaizer, have no fear being outnumbered because they are more defensive than a pure fighter hero like Fuzi.

  1. Allain
  2. Arthur (also a ‘Tank’)
  3. Athena
  4. Biron
  5. Butterfly
  6. Cao Cao
  7. Charlotte
  8. Cirrus (also an ‘Assassin’)
  9. Dharma (also a ‘Tank’)
  10. Dian Wei
  11. Dun (also a ‘Tank’)
  12. Fuzi
  13. Guan Yu
  14. Kaizer (also a ‘Tank’)
  15. Li Xin
  16. Liu Bei
  17. Lu Bu (also a ‘Tank’) 
  18. Luna (also a ‘Mage’)
  19. Mayene
  20. Menki (also a ‘Mage’)
  21. Mozi (also a ‘Mage’)
  22. Mulan (also an ‘Assassin’)
  23. Musashi
  24. Nezha
  25. Pei (also an ‘Assassin’)
  26. Sun Ce (also a ‘Tank’) 
  27. Ukyo Tachibana (also an ‘Assassin’)
  28. Wukong (also an ‘Assassin’)
  29. Wuyan (also a ‘Tank’) 
  30. Yang Jian
  31. Yao
  32. Ying (also an ‘Assassin’)
  33. Zilong (also an ‘Assassin’)

All Mage Heroes in Honor of Kings

Heino, HoK mage hero (Image via Level Infinite)
Heino, HoK mage hero (Image via Level Infinite)

Mage heroes in Honor of Kings, usually positioned on the Mid Lane, commonly rely on using abilities to deliver magical damage that produces high burst or area damage. 

  1. Angela
  2. Da Qiao (also a ‘Support’)
  3. Daji
  4. Diaochan (also an ‘Assassin’)
  5. Dr Bian
  6. Gan & Mo
  7. Gao
  8. Heino
  9. Kongming
  10. Kui (also a ‘Support’)
  11. Lady Zhen
  12. Liang
  13. Luna (also a ‘Fighter’)
  14. Mai Shiranui (also an ‘Assassin’)
  15. Menki (also a ‘Fighter’)
  16. Milady
  17. Mozi (also a ‘Fighter’)
  18. Nuwa
  19. Princess Frost
  20. Shangguan (also a ‘Fighter’)
  21. Sima Yi (also an ‘Assassin’)
  22. Sun Bin (also a ‘Support’)
  23. Xiao Qiao
  24. Yuhuan
  25. Zhou Yu

If you like someone with high burst damage that trigger 'Instakill', Mai Shiranui and Daji would be perfect. Although, these types of Mage relies heavily on combo, so make sure you accurately land all of your skill shots.

Poke mage is also popular, for example Milady and Mozi, who deals damage slowly but surely by spamming their abilities, but in expanse of your Mana. Buy items that boost your maximum Mana and/or Mana Regeneration to let you spam abilities non-stop.

My personal favorite would be control mages like Princess Frost and Lady Zhen. These two have AoE crowd control effects that are crucial during team fights, dealing damage to enemies while also help the support protecting marksman from assassin.

All HoK Tank Heroes

Lu Bu, HoK tank hero (Image via Level Infinite)
Lu Bu, HoK tank hero (Image via Level Infinite)

Tanks heroes are the most durable among all other classes. They usually act as the front-line to protect their teammates while absorbing damage from enemies, and are equipped with abilities to initiate teamfights.

  1. Agudo
  2. Arthur (also a ‘Fighter’)
  3. Ata
  4. Dharma (also a ‘Fighter’)
  5. Donghuang (also a ‘Support’)
  6. Dun (also a ‘Fighter’)
  7. Kaizer (also a ‘Fighter’)
  8. Lian Po
  9. Liu Shan (also a ‘Support’)
  10. Lu Bu (also a ‘Fighter’)
  11. Sun Ce (also a ‘Fighter’)
  12. Wuyan (also a ‘Fighter’)
  13. Xiang Yu
  14. Zhang Fei (also a ‘Support’)
  15. Zhuangzi (also a ‘Support’)

Most of the tanks in HoK have similar kit and playstyles, so you might find it boring just being a massive meat shield. If you like to collect high number of kills while being a tank, try semi-fighter like Kaizer and Lu Bu who deal high sustain damage.

One tank hero I find fun to play is Sun Ce, who has a unique Ultimate that summon a ship that allows him and a teammate to sail across the map. Naturally, most of the tanks belong to Clash Lane, but a few of them would be more suitable as roamer because of their limited solo laning kit.

Zhuangzi and Zhang Fei, for example, have abilities like cleanse debuffs and give shields to their teammates, making them a waste if being used in Clash Lane.

All HoK Marksman Heroes

Alessio, HoK marksman hero (Image via Level Infinite)
Alessio, HoK marksman hero (Image via Level Infinite)

Marksman heroes have high damage and range, with additionally high critical rate and attack speed. Commonly found in Farm Lane, marksman plays an important role as the team’s main damage dealer.

  1. Alessio
  2. Arli
  3. Consort Yu
  4. Di Renjie
  5. Erin
  6. Fang
  7. Garo
  8. Hou Yi
  9. Huang Zhong
  10. Lady Sun
  11. Loong
  12. Luara
  13. Luban No.7
  14. Marco Polo
  15. Shouyue (also an ‘Assassin’)

For those who like simple marksman, Hou Yi definitely is the best choice. Hou Yi is an attack speed monster because of his passive and Skill 1, you just need to mind your positioning while kiting enemies from a far with your auto attack.

He is also one of the few marksman that have crowd control, with slow effect on his Skill 2 and stun on his Skill 2.

If you want someone more challenging, you will find yourself enjoying Marco Polo. Rather than keeping yourself safe, Marco Polo dives into the middle of team fight with Skill 2 and deal massive AoE damage with his Ultimate. Make sure to pair yourself with support heroes that can heal and shield to help you survives the teamfight.

All HoK Support Heroes

Dolia, HoK support hero (Image via Level Infinite)
Dolia, HoK support hero (Image via Level Infinite)

Support heroes usually rely on the ability to deliver crowd control, heals, buffs, or debuffs that will help their teammates stay alive, get stronger, and take out the enemy.

These types of heroes usually fill the Roaming position, exploring the whole map to aid their teammates.

  1. Cai Yan
  2. Da Qiao (also a ‘Mage’)
  3. Dolia
  4. Donghuang (also a ‘Tank’)
  5. Guiguzi
  6. Kui (also a ‘Mage’)
  7. Liu Shan (also a ‘Tank’)
  8. Ming
  9. Sun Bin (also a ‘Mage’)
  10. Yaria
  11. Zhang Fei (also a ‘Tank’)
  12. Zhuangzi (also a ‘Tank’)

If you enjoy playing utility support, Dolia will definitely be the right one for you. Her Ultimate is one of the strongest in HoK and maybe in any Moba games, because she can reset her teammates Ultimate.

Combine her with Heroes with strong Ultimate Heino and Lu Bu, then you will be unstoppable in the teamfight. Heino, especially, has a unique Ultimate interaction that can only be delivered while partnering with Dolia.

Additionally, Dolia's Skill 2 is also no less useful, where she can leaps around, creates a small pond that can heal her teammates, while also passively healing herself when in the water (including the river).

If you prefer a support that can engage into a teamfight, I would recommend Donghuang as he can lock down enemy's assassin and marksman with his Ultimate. Although just like Lam, this hero has a high pick rate and ban rate.

How to Unlock a Hero

HoK Heroes Shop (Image via Level Infinite)
HoK Heroes Shop (Image via Level Infinite)

In Honor of Kings (HoK) players can buy a hero using two types of currencies: Starstone and Token. 

Starstone is a free currency that can be gained from playing matches and completing missions, while Token is a paid currency that can be gained from doing a top up with real money.

Each Hero’s price may vary from the range of 13,888 Starstones/468 Tokens to 18,888 Starstones/568 Tokens.

Additionally some selected Heroes can be obtained by exchanging 58 Hero Fragments, an item which also can be gained for free from playing matches and completing missions. 

You can also use Hero Draw Voucher to randomly draw random Heroes, although the rate is quite low.

Players may also be able to temporarily unlock the Heroes they want to play by using All Heroes Free Trial Pass. This item allows the player to use any Hero for free by consuming one Trial Pass per match.

Stay tuned on esports.gg for more Honor of Kings guides once the game launches internationally!