Try using S+ and S-rank heroes from this Honor of Kings Clash Lane tier list to secure easy wins this season.

Honor of Kings (HoK) launched globally on June 20, bringing new experience to mobile MOBA enjoyers. For those who are ready to push their rank immediately, especially Clash Lane players, here’s the Honor of Kings Clash Lane tier list for Season 6.

S+ rank Clash Lane

  • Mayene
  • Allain
  • Biron
  • Dharma

The Honor of Kings S+ rank Clash Lane tier list includes fighter heroes such as Mayene and Biron, who have consistently been strong choices for Clash Lane players in previous seasons. 

Mayene from Honor of Kings (Image via
Mayene from Honor of Kings (Image via

These heroes have all the tools necessary for a successful Clash Lane experience, such as sustained laning, balanced offense and defense, crowd control, and split push capabilities. They also boast low cooldowns, allowing for effective skill spamming during trades.

S-rank Clash Lane

  • Fuzi
  • Charlotte
  • Sun Ce
  • Lu Bu
  • Kaizer
  • Dun
  • Arthur
  • Wuyan

The S-tier list features formidable fighters such as Kaizer, Arthur, and Charlotte, who are popular choices among Clash Laners across all ranks. Some of them are also a decent Jungle, including Kaizer and Sun Ce.

Kaizer from Honor of Kings (Image via
Kaizer from Honor of Kings (Image via

These heroes excel at snowballing into the mid to late game and offer high sustainability due to their skill sets. Examples include Kaizer’s Ultimate, Fuzi’s Ultimate and passive, and Charlotte’s passive. However, this is also a main weakness of them since they are too reliant on specific skills to be able to survive.

If you like something simpler, Arthur is a great choice as one of the easiest of all heroes in the game. He has simple yet effective skill sets. For those who prefer tankier heroes, you can pick a tank/semi-fighter like Sun Ce, Dun, or Lu Bu.

A-rank Clash Lane

  • Guan Yu
  • Mulan
  • Ukyo Tachibana
  • Li Xin
  • Nezha
  • Musashi
  • Ata
  • Lian Po

Some decent Clash Laners, like Ukyo Tachibana and Guan Yu, make it to the A-tier list. Although not beginner friendly, mastering these heroes can place them on par with those in the S and S+ ranks.

Mulan from Honor of Kings (Image via
Mulan from Honor of Kings (Image via

Li Xin users, for example, need to master when to properly switch between Domination form and Revenge form. Ukyo Tachibana’s Skill 1 is also hard to direct and needs to be practiced a lot.

B-rank Clash Lane

  • Heino
  • Menki
  • Cao Cao
  • Yang Jian

B-tier Clash Laners, like Heino and Menki, may not be ideal for the Clash Lane role due to their full potential not being showcased in that position. 

For example, Heino, is a strong Mid-Laner who can use his Ultimate to teleport around the top and bottom side of the map, so it is more beneficial to place him on Mid Lane rather than the Clash Lane. 

Cao Cao from Honor of Kings (Image via
Cao Cao from Honor of Kings (Image via

Moreover, as a poke mage, while he can deal high burst damage to enemy’s mage Mid-Laner, his damage is easier to withstand by enemy Clash Laners who are most likely a fighter or a tank.

Heroes such as Cao Cao and Yang Jian are also currently weaker compared to other Clash Laners, lacking crowd control or self-buff abilities. They have not been players' choices for Clash Lane in the past few seasons and need proper buffs until we can see them shine again.

C-rank Clash Lane

  • Donghuang
  • Zhuangzi
  • Xiang Yu

Heroes in the C-tier list are not recommended for the Clash Lane role unless you are truly confident in your abilities on using them. 

Donghuang from Honor of Kings (Image via
Donghuang from Honor of Kings (Image via

These heroes are better suited for the Roamer position, as they lack the damage output required to face off against the opponent's Clash Lane hero, resulting in slower growth and an inability to snowball into the late game.

Donghuang, for example, currently holds the prestigious title of an S+ rank Roamer for the past few seasons. This character is one of the only two heroes in the game with the ability to lock an enemy using suppression, which is a powerful form of crowd control that cannot be countered at any cost.

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