Try using S+ and S-rank from the Honor of Kings Farm Lane the tier list to secure easy win in this season.

Honor of Kings (HoK) has launched globally on June 20, bringing new experience to mobile MOBA enjoyers. For those who are ready to push their rank immediately, especially Farm Lane players, here’s Honor of Kings (HoK) Farm Lane tier list in season 6.

S+ Tier Farm Lane

  • Marco Polo
  • Luara

Currently, there are only 14 Farm Lane heroes in Honor of Kings – the fewest of all roles – and we nominate Marco Polo and Luara at the top of the Season 6 list. These two are in high demand, especially for those trying to rank up to Grandmaster.

Marco Polo stands out because he doesn’t consume Mana to use his skills, allowing him to last longer in the laning phase. His passive deals true damage, making it easier to penetrate tanks. 

Luara from Honor of Kings (Image via
Luara from Honor of Kings (Image via

Additionally, his dash on Skill 2 helps him escape tricky situations and is commonly combined with his Ultimate to jump into a crowd of enemies and deal massive AoE damage.

Luara, the newest Farm Laner released in mid-June, is also a high-mobility Farm Lane thanks to her Skill 1 which allows her to jump through the thin wall. Her damage comes from the combination of attack speed and critical rate, combined with her blinding Ultimate that makes her superior in a duel.

S Tier Farm Lane

  • Consort Yu
  • Di Renjie
  • Arli
  • Lady Sun

Heroes in Honor of Kings S-rank Farm Lane tier list are almost as strong as those in the S+-rank, but players need to be mindful of positioning. 

Arli, in particular, is considered one of the hardest to master of all heroes in the game. Her playstyle focuses on auto-attacking and stacking her passive for extra damage, but using the combination of her skills to teleport to her umbrella can be tricky. Many inexperienced players often misclick and teleport to the wrong place.

Di Renjie from Honor of Kings (Image via
Di Renjie from Honor of Kings (Image via

Consort Yu and Di Renjie deal decent damage with their auto attacks and both have a Skill 2 that compensates for their lack of mobility. Consort Yu’s Skill 2 negates physical attacks and increases her movement speed, while Di Renjie’s Skill 2 removes debuffs and grants brief invisibility.

Lady Sun, on the other hand, has a low cooldown dash on her Skill 1 that helps her to kite enemies. This cooldown is reduced every time she successfully lands a basic attack. However, she lacks hard crowd control (CC).

A Tier Farm Lane

  • Alessio
  • Garo
  • Hou Yi

A-rank Farm Laners have a rather simple playstyle. When using Hou Yi and Garo, players just need to kite enemies with auto attacks, but it takes some time to build decent attack speed for effective damage. Personally, Hou Yi is preferable because he has a hard CC.

Alessio from Honor of Kings (Image via
Alessio from Honor of Kings (Image via

Alessio, on the other hand, has a unique playstyle that differentiates himself from other Farm Laners. His Skill 2 and Skill 3 allow him to leap into the air and become difficult to target. However, he is useless when these skills are on cooldown, especially due to his slower basic attack compared to other Farm Laners.

B Tier Farm Lane

  • Erin
  • Fang
  • Luban No.7

Farm Lane heroes in this tier list are less popular because they lack several crucial aspects needed to be effective damage dealers. Each one depends too much on a specific skill or condition and struggles to deal damage without it.

Fang, despite having a dash that makes him untargetable, has a shorter range compared to other Farm Laners. He is overly dependent on his Skill 1 and can't deal significant damage without it. However, his Skill 1 is a good tower demolisher, making him a great split pusher.

Erin from Honor of Kings (Image via
Erin from Honor of Kings (Image via

Erin relies heavily on her energy bar and becomes weak when she doesn't have a full charge. Additionally, she lacks mobility skills, with only a movement speed buff to aid her in positioning.

Luban No.7 depends on a combination of skills to harass enemies and, unlike other Farm Laners, can't deal much damage with auto attacks alone.

C Tier Farm Lane

  • Shouyue
  • Huang Zhong

C-rank Farm Laners are considered impractical as damage dealers. Shouyue and Huang Zhong have similar poking playstyles – relying on Shouyue’s Skill 2 and Huang Zhong’s Ultimate – which require them to be stationary, making them easy targets for enemies. 

Huang Zhong from Honor of Kings (Image via
Huang Zhong from Honor of Kings (Image via

Shouyue can deal high burst damage with Skill 2, but without it, he is useless. Huang Zhong has a slightly better playstyle, as he can still rely on his auto attacks thanks to his passive that buffs his attack and critical rate.

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