How does the new Ignis, the Eternal Flame Hearthstone Titans Legendary work? cover image

How does the new Ignis, the Eternal Flame Hearthstone Titans Legendary work?

Read this guide to Forge the perfect weapon from Ignis, the Eternal Flame the new Hearthstone Legendary for the Titans expansion.

Titans, the new Hearthstone expansion, brings us Ignis, the Eternal Flame, a flexible card with Kazakus reminiscences. Ignis, the Eternal Flame is a complex card, not much for its activation requirement but for the plethora of options that it presents to Hearthstone players.

Let's go over the details behind Ignis, the Eternal Flame the new Hearthstone Titans expansion Legendary.

Ignis, the Eternal Flame<br>"ETERNAL flame? He has 4 health?!"
Ignis, the Eternal Flame
"ETERNAL flame? He has 4 health?!"

Ignis, the Eternal Flame: how it works

Much like with every Hearthstone payoff card, Ignis, the Eternal Flame has a setup requirement. In this case, the condition to activate the card's Battlecry is that you had Forged a card before playing it.

Forge is the new Hearthstone keyword for the Titans expansion, which let players upgrade cards by paying two Mana. Forging a card will activate Ignis, the Eternal Flame wherever he is, and you don't need to do it in the same turn you play the Legendary.

Once you meet the condition and play the card, the new Neutral Legendary lets you build a customized weapon with three selection phases. If you are a seasoned Hearthstone player, Ignis, the Eternal Flame might make you remember Kazakus, and it's pretty similar, but in the form of a weapon.

First, you select the cost of the weapon you want to build. Then the Trait you want to add to it, that is similar to a Keyword. Finally, the Weapon's special ability, that scales depending on the weapon cost you selected!

Ignis, the Eternal Flame Hearthstone discover options

Base Weapon (Mana, Attack and Durability):

  • 1 Mana: Runic Shortsword (2 attack / 2 durability)
  • 5 Mana: Runic Axe (3 attack / 4 durability)
  • 10 Mana: Runic Greatmace (5 attack / 6 durability)

Ignis, the Eternal Flame Weapon Traits

  • Deceit of Loken: Poisonous
  • Hope of Sif: Lifesteal
  • Storm of Thorim: Windfury
  • Flame of Odyn: Also damages adjacent minions
  • Spark of Ra-den: Your hero is Immune while attacking

Ignis, the Eternal Flame Weapon Special Abilities

Ability Name
1 Cost Version
5 Cost Version
5 Cost Version
Genius of Mimiron
After your hero attacks, summon a random X-cost minion
Pain of Jotun
Battlecry: Deal X damage
2 damage
4 damage
6 damage
Wisdom of Freya
After your hero attacks, draw X cards
1 card
2 cards
3 cards
Chill of Hodir
Deathrattle: Deal X damage to all enemies
1 damage
2 damage
4 damage
Light of Tyr
After your hero attacks, gain X armor
2 armor
4 armor
8 armor
Ignis Special Abilities combinations

As you might have realized, Ignis, the Eternal Flame offers 5 Traits and 5 Special Abilities. This means that there are no guarantees that you will get a specific option, since the Discover mechanich will only show 3 of them at random.

Once again, Hearthstone devs use Ignis, the Eternal Flame as a way of presenting different paths to players. Do you want something less impactful but that could be played immediately? Are you going for a greedy game-ending play by choosing the 10-Mana version and risking getting Vipered? What are the odds of you getting a Trait or Special Ability that fits your current needs?

Those are the questions that Ignis, the Eternal Flame will present when the next Hearthstone expansion launches.

A new OTK rises

1 Legend OTK memes are a classic. With many cards yet to be revealed, Ignis, the Eternal Flame got the spotlight this Hearthstone expansion. Meati took the lead and demonstrated that on top of Hearthstone, graphic design is also his passion.

Ignis OTK by Meati
Ignis OTK by Meati

Meati featured a possible OTK combo with Ignis, the Eternal Flame with Druid, making use of the Windfury Trait and some class attack buffs. While this might be a meme, it opens the question, Ignis is a neutral card, so it's available to every class. Which class could exploit a Winfury weapon the most?

We will need to wait for all the upcoming card reveals and the expansion launch to answer that question. That's all for now, but stay tuned for more Hearthstone news and guides. Be sure to visit for all the latest esports news. See you next time in Tavern.