With Tien Kwan liberated, Helldivers 2 Exosuits are ready for deployment cover image

With Tien Kwan liberated, Helldivers 2 Exosuits are ready for deployment

The long-awaited mechs are here, as Helldivers 2 players have secured the production of the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit.

The call to liberate Tien Kwan was answered. The Helldivers of Helldivers 2 hit the planet, decimated the Automaton forces, and ensured the safety of Super Earth's factories and Exosuit production.

After the fall of Malevelon Creek, the war against the Automatons seemed to be a losing effort. The community refused to let one loss write their history, however.

The Major Order to liberate Tien Kwan went out, and the Helldivers responded accordingly. Everyone came together for the benefit of humanity, unlocking the mechs they so eagerly awaited.

How to unlock the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit in Helldivers 2

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

For a limited time, immediately after the liberation of Tien Kwan, the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit is available to everyone in Helldivers 2. You don't have to select it as part of your loadout. Just land in your Hellpod and it is a Stratagem you can call in.

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

After the free period of use is up, however, you'll need to put in some work to unlock it if you aren't already there. So, here's how you can get the Exosuit in Helldivers 2:

  1. Reach level 25
  2. Go to the Ship Management terminal and open it
  3. Navigate to the Stratagems tab and scroll down to Robotics Workshop
  4. Spend 20,000 Requisition Slips to unlock the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit

Once you unlock it fully, you'll have the Exosuit Stratagem in Helldivers 2 to bring on any mission, with two available uses and a 600 second cooldown period.

How to use the Exosuit

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

Make sure to bring it in your loadout before you start a mission. Then once you land in your Hellpod in Helldivers 2, you can place a beacon to call in the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit. Here's how you can do that and put it to use:

  1. Open your Stratagem menu (CTRL on PC)
  2. Enter the Stratagem code for the Patriot Exosuit
    • On PC - A (Left), S (Down), D (Right), W (Up), A (Left), S (Down), S (Down)
  3. Throw the beacon in a safe landing zone
  4. Watch as a ship delivers it to you
  5. Interact with the Exosuit to climb in
  6. Walk with it, fire rockets with the normal fire button, and shoot a machine gun with the ADS button
(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

The Exosuit in Helldivers 2 cannot run, crouch, or dive like your Helldiver can. It can ram through smaller obstacles, though. It also has limited ammo, so use it sparingly to ensure ample amounts of Managed Democracy can be spread across the system.

(Screenshot via esports.gg)
(Screenshot via esports.gg)

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