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How to get Boosters in Helldivers 2

Boosters can give you and your fellow Helldivers quite the advantage if you can get your hands on one in Helldivers 2.

Boosters are essentially passive perks you can unlock in Helldivers 2. You can spend medals on them in the Warbonds section to obtain them. They're a costly item, but we'll show you where you can find Boosters and how to use them.

How to unlock Boosters in Helldivers 2

As you fight back against the Terminids and Automatons in Helldivers 2, you'll earn experience to level up, Requisition slips to unlock ordinances, and medals to spend on Warbonds.

The Warbonds are like the Helldivers 2 version of a Battle Pass. There's a free path and a premium one you have pay for. Just access the Warbonds section, find a Booster you have enough medals for, and unlock it.

How to use Boosters in Helldivers 2

Once you have a Booster or two in your collection, you can activate them before a mission. Just head to the Hellpod and watch as your Helldiver is lowers into it.

Next to the Stratagem squares under your Helldiver's picture is a hexagon. Click on that to access your Boosters in Helldivers 2, then pick which one you want to use.

They won't double up, however. If someone already picked the one you want, you can't choose it. Go for a different one, or go without.

All Boosters in Helldivers 2

There are multiple Boosters spread across the Warbonds and Premium Warbonds pages of Helldivers 2. Here is each one, where you can get it, and its perk:

Booster Name
Medal Cost
Hellpod Space Optimization
Warbonds 3
Helldivers come out of the Hellpod fully stocked on Ammo, Grenades, and Stims.
Vitality Enhacement
Warbonds 4
Allows all Helldivers to resist injury.
UAV Recon Boost
Warbonds 6
Increases all Helldivers' effective radar range.
Stamina Enhancement
Warbonds 7
Increases all Helldivers' stamina capacity and recovery.
Muscle Enhancement
Warbonds 9
Allows Helldivers to traverse difficult terrain with ease.
Increased Reinforcement Budget
Warbonds 10
Increases the number of available reinforcements.
Flexible Reinforcement Budget
Premium Warbonds 3
Reduces time until new reinforcements are granted once they've been depleted.

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